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1st DVD Box Cover! – Rage Films “Enjoy”


My first dvd box cover! Mark Devorak at Stevens Pass, WashingtonThis came from a Rage Films shoot at Stevens Pass, Washington. It was a fun trip, although I only got to shoot for one day. Just came off another spring park shoot with another crew, to be greeted by typical PNW weather up at the pass. We finally just shot in the fog and it ended up working out. The shot is of Mark Devorak and can be seen in Rage Films’ new movie ‘Enjoy’ – check them out at This photo was kind of a fluke. I was standing around, not shooting while everyone was jumping beceause I didn’t think anything was going to work out. The fog then came in a bit thicker and things got a lot darker. Everyone was finishing up while I was setting my strobes up, and I just started begging anyone to go back up and jump. Funny the shoot was supposed to be over for the day but I got it going again and things worked out.

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