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Freeskiing Magazine Cover – Japan


Tom Wallisch on a log jib at Copper Mountain, Colorado in the Catalyst Terrain Park.Just in from good ol Japan.Tom Wallisch at a Level 1 Productions Spring park shoot at Copper Mountain in April.This was probably the most productive shoot I’ve ever been on. Tom hit this thing about 4o times till we got the right shot. The money shot was at sunset. The sky just looked like a nuke went off or something.

Cover shot – Charter Magazine – New Zealand


Charter Magazine - Winter 2007 - Jossi Wells

Charter Magazine – New Zealand – Winter 2007

Jossi Wells bomb dropping to flat off a roof of a bathroom at Jeremy Ranch Golf Course in Park City, Utah. Home of endless bridge rails.

Yup, I have a blog too now.


10,000 bottle rockets!Here’s my first blog check it out. Got some play in the magazines outside of North America so I thought I’d make a place to show them. Check em out. BTW, here’s what 10,000 bottle rockets in one launcher looks like. This was our 4th of July home made firework for this year.

Also check out the video. It starts off a bit slow but picks up (with 10′ flames) around 45 seconds in.

Skiing Magazine’s Boost Magazine ad


Boost Magazine AdWell So Skiing is doing a jib mag insert in the November issue called Boost. They decided to use this shot for an ad for the magazine, in their magazine. Yah, kinda weird! Anyhoo, skier is Jen Hudak at Park City Mountain Resort. Was really happy with the shot, turned out exactly how I wanted it to!

Cam & Emily’s Wedding


Here’s a few shots from Cam and Emily’s Wedding I took.

It was a small, simple wedding at the Sugarhouse Park Garden Center in Salt Lake City, Utah but I’m really happy with what I got with the size of the venue and the budget.
emily_cam_bridal_bw_sepia_002.jpg emily_cam_bridal_hc_desat_009.jpg emily_cam_bridal_norm_008.jpg emily_cam_bridal_hc_desat_007.jpg emily_cam_reception_bw_sepia_005.jpg emily_cam_details_norm_033.jpg emily_cam_details_hc_desat_002.jpg emily_cam_reception_bw_sepia_015.jpg

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