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What inspires you?


This is simple thing that I have not thought of for quite a long time. In the past 3 years I’ve been working hard to develop my photography, kind of with my head down the whole way doing it my way…plugging away working harder than I imagined I ever would getting quite frustrated at times with the business I have started for myself. I have not really taken a step back to get some perspective in a very long time. Over the past 2 weeks I’ve taken some time off, for the most part just helping my parents out back home in Seattle with various things around the house which has helped me take that step back.

I just came across an old email I had sent to a photographer who used to be based out of Utah. I was inspired by his work then and more than ever now. Matt Turley is someone like myself who’s photographic roots seem to be well footed mountains. His work seems to have taken him in many directions, both in travel in with his photography. All of which are the same directions I started to go a few years ago and would like to eventually get back to myself. Flipping through his photos on his website reminded me of all the photos I would go out and shoot, on my own, just me, my car and my camera pack in the middle of nowhere. It’s something I’ve lost over the past 3 years, something I’ve missed, something I see but now pass by on the road in a hurry to the next location. Simply put I lost my way. After browsing through some amazing photos maybe I’ll find my way back.

Check out some of Matt Turley’s work. You’ll be glad you did.

Ad for The Canyons Resort Real Estate


The Canyons Real Estate adQuite a random shoot, especially a commercial shoot for me. The hardest part of this shoot was simply finding the right angle as the people in the photo were elevated in the gondola car, but I needed to shoot it long to bring the buildings and mountains in the background into the shot big enough. We went for a lot of different possibilities including one that would require lighting with an assistant either manevering a boom with a 2 strobes in a soft box down from a lift tower, or having the assistant hanging from the lift tower in a harness with the soft box in his hands with the power pack in a backpack. In the end we came back to the original plan of being there at sunrise (6am) and using a cherry picker to get me about 20′ up to be just below their the level of their feet. Worked out great in the end but definately the most planning I have ever had to do for a single shoot.

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