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Level 1 Productions – Realtime ad – Freeskier Magazine – December 07


Level 1 Productions ad for “Realtime” in the December 07 issue of Freeskier MagazineSo back to that Level 1 shoot last Spring at Copper Mountain, CO. One of my favorite shots from the shoot at Copper, this one of Mike Hornbeck through the trees. I got to use my D40 on this one just before sunset with a super high sync speed to get the sky and clouds as they were. It was pretty interesting, I had a $1,000 lens on a camera body i bought for $300. I’m pretty sure the lens was bigger than the camera body that little D40 is so tiny!

4FRNT Skis’ mobile office invades the Snowbird Tram


For 4FRNT Skis’ company profile in the 2007 Photo Annual issue of Freeskier Magazine was coming up and the guys at 4FRNT came up with the idea of bringing their office to the snow, in Snowbird Mountain Resort’s aerial tram. Matt Sterbenz, Joe Stumpf, Steele Spence gathered up part of the office, loaded up and set up shop in the new pseudo-office. Desks, computers, coffee pots, magazines, posters, skis, boots and anything else you could think of was all setup within the walls of the tram. Let me tell you, an aerial tram is the worst studio environment ever next to a box lined with mirrors! I had to light the interior of the tram in order to balance the exposure of the interior and scene through the windows. Dealing with the reflections from the windows and stainless steel trim inside the tram was a complete nightmare to keep under control, try to avoid shooting inside a tram as a studio. The 4FRNT crew kept the shoot fun, providing entertainment throughout the shoot, keeping it real all morning. Thanks to Laura at Snowbird and the lift crew for making the shoot happen!

The beginning of construction of the 4FRNT mobile office.Finishing up the office construction inside the tram.The 4FRNT crew carrying on with a normal day of business.Just another day of work on the way up to the tramdock at Snowbird.

Bobofest – Ski BASE jump event at the Silver Legacy Casino Hotel


Here’s a quickie post with a couple of photos. I’ll have a bunch more up when I get back home to SLC on Sunday night. It was one hell of a day with a overly poppy jump, and a shitload of swirling winds and Jesse had a really close call.

Shane McConkey laying out the lawn dart on the first jump of the dayShane’s skis blasting off his boots.  Fortunately the area was clear and they only hit pavement.Jesse Hall coming in for landing on his first jumpJesse Hall going for the double back

Ski BASE jumping off a hotel, when it’s actually legal!


So as a part of a fundraiser event for the Make a wish foundation Shane McConkey, JT Holmes, Jesse Hall and Miles Dasher are doing a ski BASE jump from the top of the Silver Legacy Hotel Casino in Reno, Nevada. A wooden ramp was built on the top of the hotel for the in-run with some Snow Flex carpet and topped off with 1,000 lbs of shaved ice. They will do 4 jumps each from 1-4pm tomorrow and hopefully it will run late enough for a sunset load. I’ll be shooting from the ground as well as up on the hotel as well. Should be a fun and unique event, I’m looking forward to it.

Pretty normal, walking around with skis in the LZ in 60 degree weather with no snow in sight.JT getting interviewed, the jump in the backgroundThe ramp up top as seen from the groundThe Security escort UP the elevator.The ramp at the top of the hotelJT Holmes counting the flips he’s going to do

Jesse Hall Hellgate ski BASE jump poster for Head Skis


Jesse Hall Head Skis PosterSo I ended up designing another poster for my other roomate Jesse Hall. Jesse is going to need posters to sign after he ski BASE jumps off a casino building in Reno, NV for a Warren Miller premiere this coming weekend so he had me design the poster for him. Photos are mine from a shoot of madness last spring while him and Max Kuszaj ski BASE jumped the Hellgate cliff between Alta and Snowbird with Helicopters flying around filming them.

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