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3 feet of snow in Quebec City


So I just went to Quebec City to shoot a bunch of urban, imagine that!So I’ve been planned to shoot this trip for a feature in next season’s SBC Skier Magazine the past 2 months but we had no idea the monster of a storm that would roll through. Temps at -10F, lots of wind, 3-4 feet of snow, massive drifts and even an avalanche in the suburbs! Surprisingly enough we were busted a lot at a lot of the rails and jibs we were doing, slow going on the gnarly roads, frostbitten toes, (fortunately for me, not mine) etc made it for quite an interesting experience to say the least. Oh, one of my strobes literally exploded on the inside. It started smoking, then went off like a firecracker and stopped working. Heh, that was 2 days into the trip! Then some more speedlites broke too!

So now I’m sitting in DIA in Denver right now waiting for my connecting flight back home to SLC that I missed due to a late plane yesterday. I got to stay the night in Washington DC last night, fortunately in a hotel but stuck in DC none the less. I also just missed my flight from SLC to Seattle for Christmas and now get to fly there on Christmas day for $100 more than I had planned.

All that being said the trip was successful and the daily trips to the gun shop (shoveling out rails buried with 3-6 feet of drifted snow) at least got me doing a little more than I usually do on urban trips. Note to anyone going to QC, most of the rails are dug out for you now. Enjoy!

Here’s a few random photos from the trip. Check out the rest of the action photos in one of next year’s mags.

Tori Beattie, Jen Crichton, Kim Lamarre being blasted by the storm.  Looks cold right?Kim buried in the snow.  Yah, there’s a lot of it.Tori checking out the giant walls of snow from the ol MVThe line of trucks ready to remove the massive amounts of plowed snow from the roads.The neighbors digging out.

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