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Skiing – The Next Level cover!


Skiing - The Next Level - March 2008 - Tom Wallisch at Copper Mountain, COSo this is the 2nd cover from this log jib from a Level 1 Productions shoot last spring at Copper Mountain, Colorado. I shot this horizontal, and am really glad I shot it with the 1Ds because it’s 11mp and was big enough to still crop to a vertical frame for this! I’m really stoked on this because a lot of work went into this shot, Tom hit this thing in the day, then into the sunset.

A night in the backcountry


Way too much gear piled on 4 sleds. Dan, Kyler and AJWow, we brought a shitload of gear in the backcountry on some sleds! 2 Generators, 5 light stands, 2 filmers and their gear, 1 skier and myself with 3 strobes, 2 power packs, a pile of speedlites and light stands and then my camera pack. We got shit done, I’m really stoked and I can’t believe how much effort went into one little shot. Here’s a photo of the sleds with all the gear, Dan and AJ from Rage Films and Kyler Cooley. I was too stupid to put the camera on self timer and get in on the shot. Oh well. Blew it.

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