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Gas prices suck


$4.05 a gallon.  Awesome.  Yet another reason I don’t live in California.Obligitory late afternoon photo of Mt. Shasta in all its glory.531 miles later, I’m at Mt. Shasta, California for the annual Rage Films spring park shoot. Today was a build day so I stayed down in town and sifted through photos from the past few weeks. I strolled around town at sunset to take a few photos of Mt. Shasta and I saw gas to be over $4 a gallon. Awesome.

more driving around in circles!


So I’ve driven from SLC to Schweitzer Mountain Resort, Idaho for the Poor Boyz Productions Jib Jam, then off to Sevens Pass, Washington for a Spring terrain park shoot there, off to Seattle for a day to hang out with the parental units, now down to Mt. Shasta, California for Rage Films’ annual Booters Ball. After this, I don’t know what I’m doing, except driving a whole lot. So far I’ve covered 1,610 miles in 2 and a half weeks, I have 531 miles ahead of me today with possibly another 1,200 miles of road ahead of that, finishing off with another 600 miles back home to SLC. Then another 1,000 miles of road back to Seattle when I’m done with editing ski photos for the year to hang out with the fam a bit more, then back home to SLC, another 1,000 miles back. I think my stupid-roo might blow up before I get a chance to sell it this Spring!

Blogging on the road


yup, still on I-15 in MontuckeySo im 950 miles into my Spring terrain park shoot at the first stop in the 2 months of Spring madness. 12 hours later through Utah, Idaho, Montana and back through Idaho I’m back at my home mountain from college at Schweitzer Mountain Resort in Sandpoint, Idaho for the Poor Boyz Productions Jib Jam. Here’s a few photos from the road.

Northern Utah - I-15Montana, still on I-15, 6 hours inLightspeed! The unsafe maneuver of drivingat night in a snowstorm while taking pictures!

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