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Portraits of my brother


I have been wanting to take a photo of my brother Stan in his SWAT tactical gear for a while but he was recently promoted to Sargent and has now back in a patrol car for his regular job as a normal part of the King Country Sherrif’s office. This change set set back when we could do the shoot. Now Stan is about ready to go back on to active duty with the National Guard in preparation to be re-deployed to Iraq with the US Army later this Summer. Now with him having all of his military gear it was a good time to finally get these shots . I have had a few shots pictured in my head for how i wanted to do these for quite a while now. I’m really glad I was able to get these in before he ships out to Iraq. Here’s a couple of shots from the shoot.

WeSki Magazine Feature – NY Urban Trip with Rage Films


First off, can anyone read French? Cause if you can, you should let me know so you can translate this article for me! This was my first feature article outside of North America, running in issue 10 (January) of WeSki magazine in France. I’ve been working with them for 3 years now and it’s been good, they are all about the jib scene. This trip was in January of 2006 with Ahmet Dadali, Mike Hornbeck, Tim Russell, and Rage Films to the Rochester, New York area. It was 100% urban handrails and jibs, and there was a lot of snow. So much snow, it was a super productive and fun trip and was stoked to get something done out on the East Coast.

Page 1 - Mike Hornbeck claiming it at The Musem of Fun!Pages 3-4: Left: Ahmet Dadali, Right: Tim RussellPages 5-6: Mike HornbeckPages 7-8: Left: Mike Hornbeck, Right - Tim RussellPage 9: Ahmet Dadali

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Submission Season


This is the part of the year that I absolutely loathe. Spring time means submission season. This means a lot of me sitting in front of the computer for 12-16 hours a day editing photos I’ve shot throughout the season I was too lazy to edit immediately after shooting, organizing, keywording, then compiling everything and getting them out to magazines and the gear companies. Then, sit back and hope for the best. Can you tell that I’m getting sick of it already!

This season I was much more organized and it’s taking significantly less time. I’m pretty stoked about that, and I can see light at the end of the tunnel. It’s real close, then it’s time for some vacation. I can’t wait. Then it’s time for golf, for autocrossing, hopefully a track day, some karting, rafting on the Payette, maybe something new who knows. It’s so close.

Then I’ll go into Summer mode for some weddings, corporate events, some stuff out at the race track and whatever else people want me to take photos of. Photos of babies? Why not. As long as someone wants to pay me or it’s fun.

1st cover of the 08-09 season!


Australian & New Zealand Skiing Magazine - Cover shot - Davina Williams at Tamarack Resort, IdahoSo here’s the 1st cover shot of the 08-09 season from the Southern Hemisphere.  Australian & New Zealand Skiing Magazine.  Hopefully it won’t be the last of this year.  We shall see.  I took this photo of Davina Williams at a night pipe shoot with Rage Films at Tamarack Resort in Idaho this February. We fought some bad weather to get this but it seems to have worked out! I had not worked with this magazine before, I guess they like my stuff eh?

So, the bad weather….rain, wind, snow, graupel and generally warm weather. It was tough. I was stoked to be able to do my first night shoot on a closed pipe. I had a lot of ideas that the weather unfortunately wouldn’t allow me to do for the most part but I am stoked for the next time and with what I did get at this shoot.

Spring terrain park shoots are done!


So, it only ended up being a little over a month straight on the road, a lot less than I had expected. 4,424 miles later I’m finally home and editing through the rest of my photos from this season. I’m super stoked the season is out, it’s been really long but it’s been a great year but am really looking forward to this summer. Here’s a few photos of some of the Spring shoot features I got to shoot on over the past month.  My ski shooting season is officially over.  I’m pretty pumped.

The Poor Boyz Schweitzer transfer gap jump The Poor Boyz Schweitzer transfer gap jump at sunrise just before the sessionThe Poor Boyz Schweitzer step up to Rainbow box.  Some next level shit happened here.The Poor Boyz Schweitzer mini quarter pipe at the Stella lift terminal.  I went nuts with lights here, this was a fun feature to shoot.Riding the cabin cat down with Abe Blair, Parker (assistant for the shoot, thanks Parker) and and Patrick Sande from Schweitzer trying to keep 300lbs of gear from falling over going down a steep slope.“Long John Olsson” - The big gap jump at Stevens Pass.  100′ from lip to knuckle this was a big ass jump.  The cat driver killed it building this one.The Rage Films double tree jib at Mt. Shasta - this one was all about timing, it went off.The Rage Films step up to step down jump.  We carved this one out by hand after the cat pushed up a massive pile of snow.  We got some real dope light on this one.The Level 1 step over jump at Copper Mt.  This started out as a hip and turned into the poppiest jump I’ve ever seen.  Retarted.Level 1 Halfpipe channel gap at Copper Mountain.    Not seen since the days of Dave Crichton.The Level 1 30 foot tall quarterpipe at Copper Mountain.  You could see this thing from the top of Vail Pass.  Yah it was big.

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