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Glad to have luck and good gear


OK, so I know this is a bit of a plug for F-Stop but I think I’ve given this particular case a good test. A week and a half ago, I went out to Echo, Utah to shoot a BASE jump with my roomate, Max Kuszaj. I shot the jump with 2 cameras, one locked of on a tripod tight on the exit point and the other a bit wider, handheld. So I finished up with the shoot and decided to take a few photos of the Double Barrel lens case that my 100-400 was in cause I thought it might look cool, just for grins. I finished, put my camera away in my pack and walked back to my car and drove off. It wasn’t until 2 days ago when I realized I didn’t have the lens. I drove back yesterday to see if it was there and fortunately since I left it in a meadow away from the trail it was still there, standing up right where I left it. At least 2 thunderstorms rolled through, possibly more in the week and a half it was sitting out there in the meadow and the lens was fine. Pretty happy about finding the lens, and finding it in good condition. Anyways, here’s to good gear!

Profile in newsletter for F-Stop photo packs


So thanks to my buddy Tim Kemple, I’ve been working with a new photo pack company, F-Stop. The guys over at F-Stop have been putting out an adventure photography newsletter for a bit now and they featured me in their most recent one about a week ago. I’ve been super stoked to work with F-Stop beceause I’m finally getting photo packs that suit my needs as an outdoor sports photographer.

Check the newsletter here:

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Enlightened Art show in Toronto


Brian Garson left, Dano Pendygrasse rightSo this is the 2nd year of the Enlightened Art Show (previously ‘Gross Negligence) in Toronto, Ontario Canada. The show is purely action sports, from all realms of it, snow, ski, skate, surf, wake, bike, you name it it’s in there. The photos were put up in 16×20″ backlit light boxes and I wish I could see them. It’s one of the best formats for something like this, it’s the first art show I’ve been a part of and I am super stoked to be a part of it. I had one shot in it this year, basically the shot of the year for me from the 2006-2007 ski season. Fortunately a few people went to the Steam Whistle Brewery and took some photos of the setups.

Represented in the show (that I know) is Grant Gunderson, Owen Woytowich, Dano Pendygrasse, Brian Garson, Jonathan Kirby, Alija Bos, and myself. Thanks to Alija for taking a few photos of the lightboxes, I hope I get to see mine at some point!

Unknown top, my photo bottom

Alija Bos left, Unknown rightJonathan Kirby left, Grant Gunderson right, unknown far right

GT Live Tour at Miller Motorsports Park


GT Live Drifting Till Dark Last week out at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah the GT Live Tour came to town. GT Live is quite a cool event with a time attack and drifting event on the west track with open track day on the East track as well as karting and an autocross. To add to the time attack and drifting, anyone could sign up for the GT Sim Race or the Drifting Sim event, allowing anyone that wanted to ride along in a time attack or drifting car. Quite the cool event.

Friends Billy Brooks and Eric Bizzak were both driving for Cobb Tuning with Billy driving one of the only JDM Nissan Skyline GT-R’s in North America and Eric driving Cobb’s Mazda Speed 3 in another class.

Of course, I took photos, check them out below.

GT Live Tour - Billy Brooks next to the Cobb Tuning Nissan Skyline GT-RGT Live Tour - Billly BrooksGT Live Tour - Cobb Tuning's Nissan Skyline GT-RGT Live Tour - Cobb Tuning's Nissan Skyline GT-RGT Live Tour - Cobb Tuning's Nissan Skyline GT-RGT Live Tour - Cobb Tuning's Nissan Skyline GT-RGT Live Tour - Cobb Tuning's Nissan Skyline GT-RGT Live Tour - Cobb Tuning's Nissan Skyline GT-RGT Live Tour - Cobb Tuning's Nissan Skyline GT-RGT Live Tour - Cobb Tuning's Nissan Skyline GT-RGT Live Tour - Drifting till darkGT Live Tour - Drifting till darkGT Live Tour - Drifting till darkGT Live Tour - Drifting till darkGT Live Tour - Drifting till dark

10,000 bottle rockets, 366 days ago


So my friend Dan Randall, rather obsessed with fireworks (was an explosives specialist in the army for a while) put together a bottle rocket launcher that put 10,000 bottle rockets in the air in 2 and a half minutes last year on the 4th of July.  It’s quite the entertaining video if you haven’t seen it.  Check it out below.  This year Dan put together the same launcher but we packed in an extra one thousand bottle rockets at 11,000 of them.  I’ll have a post a bit later with some photos from the day and a video of the 11,000 bottle rocket launcher.

Check out last year’s vid here though:

Such is Life DVD Box Cover shot


Such is Life DVD Box Cover

So with ski movie teaser time comes ski movie DVD box cover time!  I’m stoked to get the DVD box cover for Rage Films‘ upcoming movie “Such is Life”.  It’s the second year in a row I’ve gotten the box cover with them and both have come at Spring terrain park shoots at one of the places I grew up skiing, Stevens Pass, Washington.  I’ve been working Rage Films since the start of my career shooting ski photos and am stoked I got this with them again.  The skier is a crazy ski grabbing Canadian, Mike Mertion

If you haven’t already seen the teaser, check it out at

Poor Boyz Productions Jib Jam DVD Box Cover shot


Poor Boyz Productions Jib Jam DVD Box CoverSo on the heels of getting the Rage Films “Such is Life” DVD box cover shot comes the Poor Boyz Productions Jib Jam DVD box cover. Poor Boyz Productions has been doing a spring terrain park shoot at Schweitzer Mountain Resort in Sandpoint, Idaho for the past 2 seasons now and is doing a seperate DVD from their main movie covering the entire shoot. I think it’s going to be pretty cool and of course I’m stoked that my photo is going to be on the box cover.

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