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See Suz Ski BASE…for a funny Japanese music video


So nothing short of hilarious, this Japanese music video was shot a month ago in Alaska.  My friend tha I shoot skiing with during the winter, Suzanne Graham was contacted to do the ski BASE jump stunt for this funny Japanese music video.  It’s not suprising that she got the call considering she is the only woman in the world who is currently doing this.  Anyhoo, they went up in November to Valdez, Alaska which is a very risky operation to try and get shots since there are so few hours of light during the month of November.  It worked out though, the band and producers were stoked on the video, Suz got to go to AK, ski and fly around in helicopters and jump off an cool cliff and the finished product is, well…hilarious to anyone involved in skiing.  For more, check out Suzanne’s website here.

FreestyleSki Magazine Cover


This cover was quite the nice suprise in the mail today!  I took this last season at a Rage Films night pipe shoot at Tamarack Resort, Idaho.  This is the 3rd cover from that shoot so far, which has turned out to be the single most successful photo shoot I’ve ever done.  This time around it’s Jen Hudak on the cover.  It was a pretty big issue for me with 15 shots inside the magazine so I’m pretty stoked about that.  It’s been a pretty good season for me on the editorial side, hopefully there are a few more of these covers coming.  Right now the count is at 4 magazines and 2 DVD covers.  If you want to check out the previous two covers from the shoot at Tamarack Resort click here for the SBC Skier cover of Mike Mertion, and here for the Australian and New Zealand Skiing Magazine of Davina Williams.

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