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Spring madness – Round 3


Round 3 of the spring park shoots is on. I just finished up with the Poor Boyz Production shoot at Mt Hood Ski Bowl in Government Camp, OR. Jossi Wells and Charles Gagnier rolled I’m late but was stoked to get out and shoot with them as it isn’t very often that I get to have them in front of the camera. We only had one more day on the big channel gap jump before heading over to Pete’s creation, what I like to refer to as the Chinerse death trap. This was the most difficult snow feature I’ve ever had to light up. I had planned to either go simple or rediculous. I opted for rediculous, and pulled out every piece of lighting equipment I had, including a borrowed Elimchrom Ranger from Ian Coble, who had left a few days earlier. Unfortunately my D3 went kaput and the shot I did get, was unusable due to camera malfunction. Fortunately I did just pick up a D300 as a backup so I have something until the D3 is repaired

After one night on that, it was finally time to move on to round 4 of 6 of the spring park shoots at Stevens Pass, WA for a shoot with Rage Films. I’m stoked for the Stevens Pass shoot as they have always been super good to work with and is always a fun shoot.

Photos to come soon

The Spring Madness begins!


matt_stauble_20090418_3232Nine days into my spring terrain park shoot season I’m finally updating my blog. I started my spring shoot season out at home at The Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah which is where I used to work in marketing before I moved on to photography as my full-time job. It was super sick to have big park features finally at my old stomping grounds, especially since my bros Andy Marston and John Hall (ex terrain park crew there) were the cat drivers that built most of the features.

John Symms tapping a log swing at The Canyons Resort in Park CitRage Films had piggy-backed this shoot after the Snowboarder Magazine Super Sessions and we had 3 days on the features that were there. It was definately a collection of pretty unique terrain park features, however we had didn’t luck out like the Snowboarder Magazine crew and had a bit of bad weather so we pretty well focused on 2 features, the log swing and the hip jump with the pine tree growing out of the deck! The crew was comprised of Kyler Cooley, Dylan Natale, Ian Cosco, Giray Dadali, John Symms, Tim Russell, Craig Coker, Angeli Vanlaanen and Macrae Williams.

Once the Rage shoot was finished with I got to head out the next day for an epic 16 hour drive to Seattle to go see my brother who was on leave for a bit from his tour in Iraq. The drive was pretty rough, was pretty tired and had to drive through 50 miles of black ice in the Blue Mountains of Oregon. I thank the Oregon Department of Transportation for doing nothing as usual to keep their roads in order as a simple layer of sand would have made the drive much faster.

So, 12 hours after arriving in Seattle, I packed the car back up and hit the road to Mt. Hood Ski Bowl in Goverment Camp, Oregon to hit stop number 2 in my Spring park shoot season with Poor Boyz Productions. The PBP crew was comprised of Matt Walker, Alexi Godbout, Nick Martini, Kaya Turski, Andrew Hathaway, Ben Moxham the Brit – Leigh Powis, along with Fimers Pete Alport, Jeff Thomas, Ross (sorry I can’t remember your last name), T-Rob (the intern) along with photographer Matt Stouble and myself.

The weather had still not left on day one of the shoot as we shot our first rail feature with a total of 10 minutes of sun breaks so the first day went down in the clouds. Day 2 brought us the sun that was supposed to go away, however we lucked out and at the end of the day after 2 different jib features the clouds had still not rolled in. We dodged a bullet for day 2. Day 3 brough us good old Pacific Northwest drizzle, rain and fog and a well needed off day for myself. I got to finally catch up on some editing and had a break from the long days. Day 4 was supposed to be the first jump day, however a mechanical problem with the snow cat pushed back the jump building an extra day and most of the day was spent chilling on the lodge deck relaxing and taking a few lifestyle shots here and there. I’m looking forward to tomorrow as it’s the first day on the jump and its coming together real well. It’s big, with a big landing, the skiers are stoked. Here’s to day 5 and the next 4 days of sun forecasted!

PDN Magazine Top Knots wedding photography merit award


Sarah and Cobey - PDN Magazine 2009 Top Knots Wedding Ceremony award winnerLast Summer before shooting Ashley and David’s wedding in Seattle I decided to take a second shooter gig with a Seattle based wedding photographer, Winnie Forbes at Blessed Sacrament Church in Seattle, Washington.  It was a super fun one to shoot, Cobey and his groomsmen were a fun group and the medievil theme of the wedding was super fun to shoot.  Since I was the second shooter for this wedding, I spent a bit of time on the fringes of what was going on during the ceremony which let me take a lot of shots I otherwise wouldn’t have a chance to take since I’d be focused more on the traditional ceremony photos.  It was quite the media fest for this photo as both Winnie and Casey from Mindcastle Studios was shooting video as well while Sarah and Cobey were walking back down the asile which brought another element to this photo.Sarah and Cobey - PDN Magazine 2009 Top Knots Wedding Ceremony award winner

I just found out I recieved a merit award in the Cermonies category and will be in the upcoming issue of PDN (Photo District News) which is the “Top Knots” wedding issue.

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