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More making of the photos


Tim Russell and Wiley Miller from the October 2009 Powder Magazine Shooting Gallery

Powder Magazine’s website is starting with the current October 2009 issue and doing a making the photo feature, interviewing the photographers featured in the Shooting Gallery of each issue.  We talk about the making of the photo and any other little tidbits from the day we shot the photo.  They’ve done one with me for each of the two photos I have in the current issue of Powder Magazine.  In this installment of it I talk a bit about the fence jib shot of Tim Russell and the shot of Wiley Miller on Rocker Gap at Guardsman Pass, Utah.  Check it out here

Also, similar to the making of the photos, I have an interview about my cover shot including some audio of the interview from the October 2009 issue of Powder, the same one with the Shooting Gallery interviews.  Check that interview here

Gallery showings, come and gone…well one might be passing through.


PBP Triple Threat Tour - My photos up at the show.  Photo: Matt Stouble

The Poor Boyz Productions world premiere of Every Day is a Saturday has come and one in Seattle, as has the Rage Films Salt Lake City premiere of Pretty Good.  I had some prints up at both shows, thought I’d put a few pics of the prints up.  It wasn’t anything super fancy but was nice to have my work up, and see it big.  If the premiere of Every Day is a Saturday hasn’t come through your town yet and you want to see some of my shots big, then check out the premiere.  I have four prints travelling with the PBP Triple Threat tour.  For more information click  here.

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Gallery showing Friday, September 18 at the Rage Films premiere of “Pretty Good” in Salt Lake City, UT


"Pretty Good" DVD Box Cover - Rage Films - Skier: Derek SpongI’ve decided to put on a last minute show during the premiere of this year’s Rage Films movie “Pretty Good” at the Skybox Bar and Grill in Salt Lake City, UT on Friday, September 18.  I will have a collection of large action prints from 10″x15″, 16″x24″, 20″x30″ and a 24″x36″ on metal as well as a small collection of lifestyle shots that were all taken during the filming of the movie “Pretty Good” this past Winter.  All the prints will be available for sale at very little markup from the actual cost to print and mount these photos from $50 for the 10×15’s, $75 for the 16×24’s, $100 for the 20×30’s and $230 for the 6-piece print hung on metal.

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Powder Magazine Cover shot – October 2009


Powder Magazine Cover - October, 2009 - Skier: Tanner Hall - Location: Park City Mountain Resort, UT

This is the one I wondered if I’d ever get.  I’ve had covers outside of North America for a few years now and last season got my first one with SBC Skier Magazine out of Canada but still had yet to get one in the country I live in.  It became a running joke actually with some of my colleagues that I’m huge in Japan or whatever.  I didn’t think I’d get one for a while in the USA, especially Powder as most of what I shoot is really jib/freestyle heavy.  I found out about a month ago and it hadn’t really hit me as being that big of a deal until today.  This was literally a childhood dream.  I remember looking reading every Powder magazine that came through growing up and looking at the photos of Paul Morrison, Scott Markewitz, Lee Cohen, Hank DeVre, Mark Gallup, Wade McCoy and Mark Shapiro thinking about how cool it would be to have a photo of mine on the cover of Powder.

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Tall Bike Jousting!


SLC Tall Bike JoustingHave you ever heard of a Tall Bike?  In the case you haven’t heard of or seen one, they are quite the site.  Some friends of mine here in Salt Lake City, UT have made a few of them.  You chop up a few bike frames and weld them together to form one real tall monstrosity of a bike.  They are pretty damn cool actually!

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