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Making of the photo – From the athlete’s perspective


Another making of the photo, I guess it’s pretty popular now huh?

This one is a bit different though, it’s a video with some of the action footage as well as an interview with the skier, Matt Walker.  This was straight up video game shit.  Sliding a lift cable.  It’s one of those things I’ve wanted to shoot forever and figured it would never happen.  Fortunately for me, I work with Pete Alport at Poor Boyz Productions.  Pete likes to come up with crazy shit for pro skiers to do.  This video was put together by Salomon as part of their Freeski TV series.

Making of the photo – Salomon Freeski TV – Episode 3 from Erik Seo on Vimeo.



My shot, Tom Wallisch, 2nd from the left.

I got to shoot a few portraits of Tom Wallisch and Dash Longe a week ago for the website with a Halloween theme that was pretty fun.  It’s been good doing portrait shoots lately with a concept and theme, it’s let me get a little further these days with my portrait work.  I was lucky enough to have a crazy Halloween set all ready for me to use in Dash’s shot, and experiment with some smoke for Tom’s shot, it was definitely fun.

Check out the gallery here

making of the shot – November 2009 Powder Magazine Shooting Gallery


Derek Spong  jumping a hip jump at Mt. Bachelor, Oregon - Rage FI did another making of the photo interview with Sam from Powder Magazine for their November 2009 Shooting Gallery monthly feature on their website.  This shot is of Derek Spong doing a corked 7 off a hip jump on the Outback side at Mt. Bachelor, Oregon during the filming of “Pretty Good” by Rage Films.

Check it out here at

You need this iphone dock if you are a photographer – Griffin Simplifi iPhone/iPod Dock + CF/SD memory card reader + USB 2.0 Hub



I ran across this iPhone/iPod charge/sync dock / CF/SD card reader when I was at the Apple store yesterday getting my stupid iPhone fixed for the 5th time.  The Griffin Simplifi is 3 important computer accessories in one for photographers.  This thing is pretty epic and if you are anything like me, you probably have too many cords and accessories plugged into your computer as is.  Why not put two of the most often used ones accessories you have one place?  Anyways, I just ordered one and am pretty stoked to get it.  The one thing that sucks is it runs on USB 2.0 instead of Firewire 800 but for the convenience it’s not that big of a deal.

Here’s what you get:

  • iPhone/iPod charge/sync dock
  • CF / SD memory card reader
  • 2-port powered USB 2.0 hub

Here’s a link to it at

More info/specs at Griffin’s product page here

Freeskier Magazine Cover – November 2009 – Suzanne Graham


November 2009 - Freeskier Magazine - Suzanne Graham - Alta, Utah

See Suz do a big huge backy off a big cliff.  This was another big one for me this year, it’s a first again, the first Freeskier Magazine cover for me so far.  I’ve been working with Freeskier since the start of my career, they actually ran my first ski editorial shot a while back.  Check it out on newsstands now!

Check out Suzanne Graham ski BASE jumping a 1,000 foot cliff in Alaska for a Japanese music video here and check out her website –

The University Club, Denver, Colorado – The wedding of Josh and Lindsey



I’m 3 for 4 so far on very fun weddings thanks to Josh and Lindsey.  Shooting a wedding for friends is always a great time because I get to be part of the wedding party and get to share a much closer part of my friends’ wedding than most get to.  It’s a great honor and of course tons of fun.  I took a far more journalistic approach to this wedding as those I have in the past and I have to say, it was pretty fun to do so.  Josh and Lindsey had their big day at the University Club in downtown Denver, Colorado.  The venue was very old and charming,  a small building surrounded by skyscrapers in downtown with photos of club members back to 1902 on the walls!  The University Club made for a perfect venue for the size of this wedding,  never too cramped, but the right size that there always seemed to be a great crowd everywhere.  Thanks to Josh, Lindsey and their families for putting together a great day!

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