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The Hype – Scott / Monster shoot in Sun Valley – Day 2


An excited fan gets in on the autograph sesh with Justin Dorey

Day 2 of the Scott / Monster weekend in Sun Valley has come and gone.  Friday started with Tom Wallisch forgetting about the redneck flair factor and failed to wake up with his “Daddy’s Angel” bracelet on and the mandatory shotgun a 16 oz. Monster Energy drink happened.  After a jittery start to the day for Tom the rest of Friday was a hype day for the big jump show the following day with radio shows, poster signings and an urban session with the 4Bi9 film crew would ensue.  The radio show was pretty short lived but in true Chug Life fashion Ian Cosco belted out a “cheaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” while the rest of the boys took to the air waves.

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The truck stops here – Scott / Monster weekend day 1


Justin Dorey in character, a smoking a heater a safe 5 feet away from the gas pumps

The road to Idaho is full of stops.  This one happened to be a redneck’s dream full of bad taste in Twin Falls, ID.

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The photo showdown


hodown showdown in Whistler

I’m really stoked to let everyone know that I’m a finalist in the 2010 World Ski and Snowboard Festival Pro Photographer Showdown.  The WSSF Pro Photographer Showdown is an event I’ve wanted to enter for years but have never come up with the time to enter.  This year I made a point to get an entry in and as it happens, I’m in!  On April 22 I’ll go up against ski photographers Grant Gunderson and Yves Garneau, Snowboard Photographer Mason Mashon and surf photographers Brian Bielmann and Jeremy Koreski.  Each of us will have a nine minute slideshow of our life’s work, so I have to get my slideshow together over the next few days.  Needless to say I have a bit of work ahead of me!  I’m pretty excited for the contest and to see how I fare vs the other great photographers in the contest.

More about CR Johnson


CR Johnson jumping a channel gap jump at Mt. Hood Ski Bowl in Government Camp, OR
Another photo from the Poor Boyz Productions shoot at Mt. Hood Ski Bowl last spring of CR Johnson.

A few more things on CR Johnson out on the interweb.

Check out CR’s film segments in some of the ski movies posted on Freeskier’s website. Watch them, remember him, remember what he’s done for our sport.

Also a recent photo gallery from a trip to Retallack early this season on Powder Magazine’s website.

Some great words by Jeff Schmuck, one of the editors of here.

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