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Real creativity


I’ve been spending a lot of time the past few days editing photos and putting together my slideshow for the World Ski and Snowboard Festival Pro Photographer Showdown and the amount of work I’ve put into it has drained me. I’ve been feeling rather un-creative lately but my friend Kevin showed me this music video produced by a bunch of high school kids that is just awesome. So well done, especially coming out of a high school. The amount of planning and production that had to go into this to get it all to come together with kids is just amazing to me.

Could you have even tried to come up with a concept like that now?  How about in high school?  How about pulling off that kind of production with that many kids that are in that video?  These guys killed it and I wish I could say it’s something I came up with.  Go out there, get creative, bust out of the box and run away from it like these kids did.

Props to Sherwood High School, you are one creative group!

The Gathering – Day 2 – Red Mountain, Rossland, BC


The base of the Motherlode chairlift at Red Mt, BC.  2,400 feet of vert!

Day 2 of The Gathering was a pretty good one.  We started out early skiing powder at Red Mountain in Rossland, BC doing laps on the Motherload chair.  It had been about 10 years since I’d skied at Red and man I forgot how good that place is.  Such fun, steep terrain.  Some of the best tree skiing anywhere, you don’t get steep tree skiing in Utah, especially with 2,000+ feet of continuous vert.  It’s such fun bouncy terrain, I miss skiing in the Northwest so much.  Anyways it was a great day skiing with the OG photographers and finally getting some runs in with people I’ve known for a while but never had a chance to ski with like Jordan Manley and Christian Pondella as well.  The OG’s still rip, it was super fun to ski with them, especially on such a good powder day at a great mountain.  Paul Morrison joined the crew that day to help round out the crew of the old gaurd.

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The Gathering – Day 1 – Red Mountain, Rossland, BC


The Gathering

The Gathering started last season as an even put on by Powder Magazine and Red Mountain Resort in Rossland, BC to bring back together the group of people that started the way of life I get to live as a professional ski photographer.  This was one of those things I got to go to that was quite an honor for me.  I was picked by Powder Magazine to rep the new generation of ski photographers along with Jordan Manley and Christian Pondella.  It was quite the motley crew there ranging from the OG crew of photographers, the younger photographers, mountain guides, writers and of course some of the crew from Powder.

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This is one of those days you quit your job for


Look at those snowfall numbers, this is the most rediculous storm I've ever seen.

Which snow report do you believe?  Which resort do you go to?  It doesn’t matter.  It’s going to be so good it’s stupid.  This is one of those days you quit your job for if they won’t let you go skiing.  Reports of 20″ overnight with another 12″ during the day.  24 hour snowfall reports up to 30″ and around 25″ in the Park City ridgeline.  It’s redonkulous (That’s not even a word so I don’t know how to spell it right) and it’s April.  That’s redonkulous!  On that which do you believe, the Alta weather station at the Collins chair mid station just reported 34″ of snowfall in 12 hours.  I’ve never been here for a storm like this.

Just go skiing.

The big show – Scott / Monster Weekend – Day 3


The SPT crew putting the finishing touches on the giant claw jump

After all the activities and hype the day finally came to shoot on the giant Monster claw jump.  A radio show, poster signings, shotgunning Monster Energy drinks, entertaining hammered drunk locals, redneck truck stop shopping and a urban handrail session later the time for the big show was finally upon us.

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