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Saga Outerwear waterproof testing


Tim Durtschi testing the waterproofing of the new Saga Outerwear Anomie suit

The crew at Saga Outerwear wanted to test the waterproofing of the new Anomie suit for the 2010/2011 season for their new look book,  so where else could we go in the summer except a car wash!  Saga had me come out to shoot a few entertaining photos of the highly un-scientific waterproofing test.  Tim Durtschi was in town, so he became the unlucky guinea pig.  Austin of course could barely contain himself with excitement with the thought of flogging Tim with the high pressure power washer.

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Quick Pic 5 – Joe Schuster at Mt. Bachelor – Bend, Oregon


Joe Schuster jumping a 90 foot step over jump at Mt. Bachelor, Oregon

A few weeks before this shot was taken, I was at the exact same spot, shooting on a larger version of this jump with Poor Boyz Productions at Mt. Bachelor in Bend, Oregon.  We waited around for about a week for the weather to improve and it just never seemed to get the way we wanted so I bailed out for a few days down to Mammoth Mountain, CA to shoot with Level 1 Productions.  A few days later I came back up to Mt. Bachelor to shoot with Rage Films for another park shoot and I got the weather I was hoping for and the shoot went off.  It was one of those shoots where I got photos every day that ended up running in a mag somewhere.  Needless to say it was a good couple of days with a really fun crew of young up and coming kids.

After shooting on this jump in the morning we took a big break and came back just around 6pm to get going on this again to shoot around sunset.  Joe Schuster was one of the only ones that stuck it out about an hour after the last light was on the jump to wait and ski for the sunset photos.   I shot this scene with a pretty standard kit of lighting for me on a jump with an Elinchrom Ranger RX AS Speed with an A-Head, Alien Bees 800, Alien Bees 1600 along with my DIY battery packs with Pocket Wizard Plus 2 transcivers and a Nikon D3 with a Tamron 28-75 f2.8 LD XR Di SP lens.

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