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Freeride Moto


Jason Smith hooking a turn in Mountain View, Wyoming

This past week was quite the busy week.  I went out with the JMills Entertainment crew filming for their upcoming moto video, “Elevate” to New Plymouth, Idaho for “The Big Nasty” Moto hill climb race. After a few days of shooting one of the gnarliest races I’ve ever shot, we moved on to Mountain View, Wyoming for a freeride shoot on the moon.  The terrain there is crazy looking desert peaks with endless gullies and rolls.  It was a lot of fun with some real long days and I have more photos than I know what to do with to edit through.  Actually, it’s 66gb to be precise.  I’ll have my hands full editing so this is just a tease until I can get through those.  The photo above is hill climber of Jason Smith the 2010 NAHA champ in the 450 cc class.

Quick Pic 7 – Just a dirt jump and a sunset


One of the I-Street dirt jumps in Salt Lake City, Utah

Just a sunset and a dirt jump.  Too add to the list of new subjects to shoot this summer, today I gave mountain bike dirt jumping a go.  I came up to check out the jumps with Carston Oliver yesterday and was hoping we’d get a sunset today.  Just about 45 min before sunset the clouds broke so we ran up to the zone to give it a go.  Things turned out pretty well for my first go at it, lighting with dirt can be pretty tricky compared to the giant reflective canvas of snow that I’m used to.  It was pretty fun and I can’t wait to get another go at it.  Here’s what it looked like today, glad we made it out!

October 2010 Freeskier Magazine


Tom Wallisch at Sun Valley Resort - pp45-46 - October 2010 Freeskier Magazine

Tom Wallisch at Sun Valley Resort with 4Bi9 for Scott Sports – pp45-46 – October 2010 Freeskier Magazine

Alexis Godbout in Bozeman, MT with PBP - pp48 - October 2010 Freeskier Magazine

Alexis Godbout in Bozeman, MT with PBP – pp48 – October 2010 Freeskier Magazine

Julian Carr of Discrete Headwear - p59 - October 2010 Freeskier Magazine

Julian Carr of Discrete Headwear – p59 – October 2010 Freeskier Magazine

CR Johnson at Mt. Hood Ski Bowl, OR with PBP - p90 - October 2010 Freeskier Magazine

CR Johnson at Mt. Hood Ski Bowl, OR with PBP – p90 – October 2010 Freeskier Magazine

October Freeskier – Scott USA – Tom Walisch ad campaign, ad 2 of 3


Ad 2 of 3 in a Scott campaign of Tom Wallisch - October 2010 Freeskier Magazine

This was the 2nd of 3 ads for a Scott campaign featuring their top freeskier, Tom Wallisch (check out the first ad here).  I worked with Tom a lot this season specifically for this campaign and I’m pretty stoked on the shots and that it was based on what we both wanted to shoot as opposed to being confined to a creative breif.  It was a go out, get some epic shots and we will work with it in the end.  It allowed us to produce the best shots we could, which is something I’m stoked on.  You can’t really ask for much more but a blank canvas.

This shot in particular was the primary reason I came out to Minnesota for that trip with Level 1 Produtions.  I knew that feature would produce something I’d be stoked on and it was something I could really spend time with the lighting on.  It was a miserably cold night for the whole crew of myself, Kyle Decker (Filmer for Level 1), Tom Wallisch, Ahmet Dadali and Liam Downey and we had some challenges with some equipment and being extremely visable from a major road but everyone got their tricks, their shots and it was one extremely productive day/night.

Shot in Minneapolis, MN with Level 1 Productions for their new film “Eye Trip

Nikon D3, Nikon 70-200 f2.8 ED VR, Elinchrom Ranger RX AS Speed, Alien Bees 800, 400, Nikon SB80 DX’s, Pocket Wizard Plus 2 and MultiMaxTranscievers



Pat Laughlin front flipping the redneck mini-mega ramp on his BMX bike at the Thrillbillies Compound.

A few months ago I had some new neighbors move in.  As it turns out they like to do a lot of dumb things on camera for the Fuel TV show Thrillbillies…pretty good for me!  I finally was able to meet up with the Thrillbillies crew and got to shoot their redneck obstacle course.  Needless to say, rednecks, video cameras, there was a lot of entertaining stunts going down for sure.  This shot above is of Thrillbilly and pro BMX rider Pat Laughlin front flipping off a jump built for a backflip.  Pat likes to send it, seems like a good mix for this crew.

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SLC Tallbike Jousting!


The winner rides away with the loser on the ground...and the crowd goes wild!This was the second time I’ve had a chance to shoot tallbike jousting and this time around I was a bit more prepared for what to expect than the first.  It’s one of the funnest events that I’ve had a chance to shoot, it’s action, rediculous (come on, jousting on tallbikes…really?), costumes and there’s no shortage of carnage.  What more could you really ask for?  We started out at Liberty Park and once everyone came together we all moved out to the location.  I actually got a chance to get ahead to the location this time since I actually made it on time and then found out where we were going!  Chalk one up to being prepared this time!  Check out last year’s photos here.

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FINALLY! Life Cycles teaser is live


The single most influential element outside of other people’s photography in my own work has been seeing the mountain bike movie “The Collective” by, The Collective back in the summer of 2004.  A co-worker, Kendall Card who was the guy that was keying me into what was cool within skiing at the time was putting on the premiere of the film so I went by to go check it out.  My mind was blown and after I got a copy of the DVD, watched it over and over and over again.  The way the movie was filmed, put together, it was very different from what I had seen in other action sports films at the time.  It had given me a completely different perspective into the way I look at shooting my own realm of skiing.

The second round of that same influence and inspiration has begun for me and FINALLY, the teaser for Life Cycles is live.  Back in April, I got to see one of the rough cuts of this teaser at The Gathering (very different than the current one BTW) and my mind was blown again and then, my creative juices were flowing.  It’s very different, very creative, and for me, very inspiring.  It just oozes creativity.  I can’t wait to see the film and I hope you feel the same after checking out the teaser.  Enjoy, and go pre-order your copy on their website.

Quick Pic 6 – American LeMans at Miller Motorsports Park


Between Black Rock (turn 5) and Right Hook (turn 6) on the full course during the 2010 American LeMans Race at Miller Motorsports Park1/125 sec / f11 / ISO 100 / 170mm / Nikon D3 / Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR

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