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Bike Magazine – November 2010


Geoff Guelvich dropping the Icon sender feature at the Red Bull Rampage in Virgin, Utah

Darren Barrecloth getting his wallride on at the Red Bull Rampage in Virgin, Utah

The first photos you have published in a new magazine are always cool, this time it’s a bit cooler beceause it’s in Bike Magazine.  I had never shot any mountain biking until a week before the Red Bull Rampage but I got a chance to go to the Rampage this year and shoot, so why not right?  It’s an event that I’ve always wanted to go and watch and I was really looking forward to being behind the ropes, in the venue to shoot photos.  The event itself is nuts, a complete media circus with helicopters flying around and more photographers and filmers surrounding single terrain features than you can imagine at times.  At one point there were 27 photographers shooting a wallride that Darren Berrecloth was practicing on while prepping his competition line.  In the case of the first photo above, everyone had a long lens on, so with the clouds looking cool as they were I decided to try the opposite approach.  Looks like it worked!  I’m hoping to get out next season and shoot a bit more bike, we’ll see if I get the chance.  It’s a ton of fun!   Thanks to Christian Pondella, Harookz and Sterling Lorence for pointing me in the right direction out there!

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December Freeskier Magazine – Scott USA campaign, ad 4 of 4


Scott USA collage ad - Freeskier Magazine - December 2010

This ad kind of summarizes my season from the start in November 2009 to the finish in July of 2010.  It was a long season for me as I did extend it a little with the shoot at the Sammy Carlson Invitational in July at Windell’s Camp at Timberline, Oregon.

The highlight of this ad for me is the shot of Dane Tudor during the Sammy Carlson Invitational, right side, middle photo.  It was my first experience with the Pocket Wizard FlexTT5’s for Nikon and things worked out well, very well, better than I had expected.  I had just gotten the beta versions of the FlexTT5’s for Nikon and hadn’t had much time to really play with them so I was a bit worried to try them out but I gave them a go.  The weather dealt us a full house that evening with the low clouds streaming in the valley from the west leaving an epic view with the low cloud layer and the sunset light.  To top it off my first day testing the Pocket Wizard FlexTT5’s for Nikon turned out great.  I had manual hypersync to two Elinchrom Ranger RX AS Speed strobes at 1/1000 sec. with partial coverage (all I wanted to light was the top half of the frame where the skier would be)  at over 600 feet.

I’m really happy with how the Scott ad campaign came out this season and that I got to be a part of it last season.  I’m looking forward to doing it again this season.

Clik Elite Volt Camera Backpack Review


Clik Elite Volt front view

I’ve been working with Clik Elite for the past year and while most of my involvement in development has been with the Contrejour 35 & 40, the ClikStand series of packs is something I’ve been very interested in as it would be a single consolidated package of pack and stand for my strobes.

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Quick Pic 10 – Gone Skiing


Julian Carr - pow day at Alta, Utah

Day one today!  Hopefully it’s something like this!

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