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Sun Valley 2010 – the cutting room floor – part 2


There were a ton of photos to be had during the Level 1 Productions ski terrain park shoot last season at Sun Valley, Idaho.   Enough that some of my favorites didn’t make the cut for the magazines this publishing season. While we are currently waiting out the weather to shoot the massive volcano jump from the helicopter, some down time means blogging time!

This shot is of Phil Casabon shot with a Nikon D40, Nikon 70-200 f2.8 AF-S VR, at 1/1000 sec synced with two Elinchrom Ranger RX AS Speed w/A head kits and Pocket Wizard Multimax Transceivers.

GoPro Sunset Time Lapse – Level 1 Productions Sun Valley Volcano Jump session




I’ve been wanting to do some time lapses lately but it always seems that I have my D300 (second camera body) being used as a second remote angle being triggered by Pocket Wizards.  I recently just got a GoPro HD and a pile of mounts so suddenly I have a camera to run time lapses when I have my camera bag emptied out throughout the mountain!  I stuck the GoPro HD with a handlebar mount in the snow, turned it on, walked away.  Pretty mellow.  I was pretty suprised how well it came out.  I had to do some post work on the photos like I normally would, cropped and put together in Quicktime Pro.

This jump session with Level 1 Productions in Sun Valley, ID went down pretty well and we got a lot of shots.  Now we are just waiting for round 2 to shoot out of the helicopter!

I’ll hopefully have time to do this the rest of the spring through all the terrain park shoots.

Sun Valley 2010 – The Cutting Room Floor – Part 1


I’m currently at Sun Valley, Idaho where I’ve spent a bit of time over the past few years with the Level 1 and 4Bi9 crews doing some park shoots both in winter, and in the spring after closing.  Since I’m here now I thought I’d post some of my favorite shots that didn’t make the cut for the magazines last year.  This one is of Ian Cosco during a shoot for Scott Sports & Monster Energy.  It’s not as apparent that it’s a shoot for Scott, as it is that Monster was involved with the shape of the jump…haha.  I hope you can pick that one up yourself.  Look for some more Sun Valley shots from last season to come through over the next few days.

Speedlight flash brackets + DIY speedlight bracket for four flashes


There are two reasons you are looking at this post.  You either use speedlights a lot due to their small size and weight or you are insanely cheap.  Either way, this bracket is both cheap and useful for both sides.  I tend to use big lights for most of my lighting, however on a lot of trips with air travel I’m forced to bring a limited kit due to baggage limitations.  I’ve had a 2-flash bracket setup for a while now to double up my speedlights and get a bit more output from the little guys.  After breaking one of the delrin shoe mounts on it, I decided to make a bigger one.  I’ve wanted to be able to mount three or four speedlights on one stand before so this was a great time to do so.

Now don’t try to fool yourself, four speedlights aren’t going to equal an Elinchrom Ranger, Quadra or Alien Bees 800 or 1600.  They will however boost your output to help fill in the blanks a bit more with less weight in the dreaded 50 pound limit checked airline baggage.

There are a few options out there for this application, (like the Dot Line RPS Studio Light Bar) however the shoe mounts used just do not hold the flashes securely enough for my taste.  I’d rather spend a few extra bucks on knowing that my speedlights are secure.  Another good option is the Interfit INT337 Strobies Triple Flash Bracket, it’s smaller than my bracket which is great for travel, however two of the three flashes are mounted vertically, changing the beam pattern and there’s only room for three flashes instead of four.

For all you insanely cheap people out there, you could find cheaper shoe’s out there and then just bolt them on with 3/4”- 1/4”x20 bolts and save a few bucks. I chose the Stroboframe shoe’s beceause they are bomber. I’ve had a few different ones made of delrin, other plastics with some metal, and they all seem to break. These stroboframe one’s are bomber, and have strong clamping power to keep your speedlights on the bracket, and off the ground.

So if you are willing to take a bit more time than ordering something off B&H’s website to get something a bit larger, more versitile and tougher, then read on, the directions on how to make your own quad speedlight bracket is below.

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Back from the Hack!


You may or may not have noticed over the past week my site being red flagged by google, and your browser.  I got hacked and my site WAS distributing malware according to google.  Fortunately I was able to remove all that and install a bit more security within my site.

So, I’m all good now and plugged back in.

If you have a wordpress blog and haven’t updated it recently, I’d suggest you do so to help fix a few security issues.  Also, read this, and install some security plugins as well.

If I have some downtime in the next few days, I’ll hopefully get a chance to post some photos from the past month and a half of travel!

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