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More Proof. The Scots are some of nicest people on the planet!


I recently had the opportunity to visit the UK back in April for a feature in Powder Magazine.  We were shooting skiing of all things in the UK!  It was quite the epic journey, but that’s not what this is about.  While we were in Edinburgh shooting at the Midlothian Ski Centre dryslope hill (Hillend) I managed to drop a Pocket Wizard Multimax somewhere along the way while we were shooting.  I didn’t even know I had lost it until I got a completely random email from Sarah Felton from the ski hill!  She had found my Pocket Wizard and fortunately I have my name and contact info on all of them.  Anyhoo, she went out of the way to track me down, and mail the Pocket Wizard out to me all the way from Scotland.  Pretty awesome.  I really had an awesome experience during our trip to the UK but the few days we spent in Scotland were among some of the friendliest people I’ve ever been around.  This is just more proof.  I hope I get to go back.  Thanks very much Sarah and the rest of the Scots that treated us so well.

1st cover of the season rolls through! Byron Wells – New Zealand Ski and Snow


One of the added benefits of shooting with Byron Wells is since he’s from New Zealand and their ski magazines come out in June I get to see my photos in print a lot earlier than waiting 6 months for the photos to run in the ski magazines up in the Northern Hemisphere.  This year is no different except Byron’s a bit more prominent in the magazine this time!  Apparently the cover has some pretty good detail treatment with a bunch of foil print on the text so I’m pretty excited to see it in person.  This is a shot from 2010 in Park City in this little backcountry urban zone as I like to call it that crews have been milking for the past few seasons.  The old mining buildings in this zone make for some pretty unique shooting opportunities.  This shot has was actually a horizontal shot and was cropped quite a bit to fit the vertical cover.  Just about every time I’ve shot urban with Byron, it’s something he hasn’t tried before, but we always end up getting shots.  He’s one hard working kid that wants to get shots.  Glad Byron finally has a cover shot down there.  Check out the original below.

track your photos with google


The technology has been around for a bit now but before it was a pay feature.  Google of course has changed that by acquiring the image recognition software to match your image to what Google finds on it’s search engines.  Also, it’s really simple and easy.  I’m sure it has a lot of bugs to still work out but I put in a photo that I know has been around a bit that I shot at the 2011 Red Bull Cold Rush this year and the results came up pretty easily.


It’s quite simple.

  • Go to:
  • Click on the camera icon on the right side of the box you type in to search.
  • Either enter the url of the photo you want to track, or upload that photo and click on search images.

  • Viola!  There are your results, and that’s where people have been putting your stolen photos!

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park Wedding – Jeff & Leslie


It’s been a long time since I’ve posted any weddings, I just haven’t gotten around to it.  Those things are a lot of work and I was done working on them!  Anyhoo, Jeff & Leslie were married in October of 2009 with a very small ceremony at the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.  The site is quite a photogenic pacific northwest rainforest with a large suspension bridge connecting the main park to the heavily wooded ewok forest.  Yup, I said ewok.  The other side of the park is connected together via the “Treetop Adventure” zone with elevated suspension bridges going tree to tree just like in Return of the Jedi, minus the storm troopers, light sabers, ewoks, wookie, and of course Han Solo and Princess Lea.  All weird descriptions aside the Treetop Adventure zone is a really cool collection of bridges, forest textures and boardwalks that is the most unique spot I’ve had the opportunity to shoot a wedding at.  Rain or shine, it made for a great location to shoot at.


Keep it fresh! – Air Freshener photos?


I get a lot of photo requests for some uses that are far from normal but this is definitely a new one.  I sold a few shots to Line Skis last season with a one-year unlimited license.  It’s when you have those licenses out on your photos is where you see some different types of usages.  Different, but pretty cool.  I’ve never had a photo on an air freshener!  This shot of Will Wesson was taken last winter with Level 1 Productions in my backyard of Salt Lake City, Utah.  It’s in the most played urban skiing location, probably in the world.  I somehow manage to get a shot every year from the Rail Gardens (Olympus Hills Park) due mainly to skiers getting creative and looking for a new spin on the same structures in the park.


Do you have a photo on an air freshener?  You should!

2011 PDN Photo Annual Finalist


A few months ago Jussi Grznar reminded me about the PDN (Photo District News) Magazine Photo Annual.  It’s something I’ve been wanting to enter for a while, but this year I finally had photos in the Scott Sports Tom Wallisch skiing ad campaign I was stoked on.  Fast forward to this week and I finally picked up the copy of PDN Magazine to see it in print in the advertising side of the awards.  It’s a big honor for me to be in this issue as it’s one of the most regarded publications within the photography industry and I’m one of the few action sports photographers that is represented in this issue and the only ski photographer.  The last thing I would have expected was a jib ad to be in something like this!   I’m usually trapped in the niche of action sports, and then hidden in the corner of that in the world of skiing so it’s an even bigger deal for me to be among all of the different genre’s of photography.

It’s been a pretty amazing winter for me and have had the opportunity to travel to a lot of cool places with good friends and have a lot to show for it.  This has become the icing on the cake!  It is now the second PDN photo contest I’ve had photos in, the first one being the 2009 PDN Top Knots wedding photography contest and hopefully not the last!

Check it out here at PDN’s website.


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