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The long drive home


Something I haven’t done in a long time, stop to smell the roses. A friend of mine suggested that I stop and smell the roses while travelling this spring through the month of terrain park shoots.   Something I used to do on a regular basis, everywhere I went, I showed up late since I had a hard time not stopping everywhere, to take pictures. This time around on the drive from Bend, OR back home to Salt Lake City, Utah I actually pulled over and took some photos along the way of the 12 hour drive, turning it into about a 16 hour day…Nothing epic here, just wanted to share a few things from the road.


I stopped about 15 times along US 20 until I found a collection of these hay bales oriented in the right way.


Clik Elite ClikSit packable chair review


After the review of the Clik Elite Contrejour camera backpack, this review of the Clik Elite ClikSit is going to be a lot less in depth.  In fact it’s going to be real short.  This is one of those products though that when you pull it out everyone around seems to give you a WTF type of jealous look as you just pulled out some instant comfort in the middle of nowhere weighing in less than a pound and a half.  It’s small, it’s lightweight and still strong enough to support the tubbiest of people out there.  Lets face it, we stand around waiting for light, waiting for the action to happen again, waiting, waiting, waiting, why not do that sitting?  It’s not a new invention, it’s just like the As seen on TV Pocket Chair, however, it’s a LOT lighter.

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Lounging setup, waiting for things to go down.


  • Folds up to 91/4” x 8” x 11/4” and weighs only 1lb 5oz.
  • Constructed of high quality aluminum, high-tenacity webbing and ballistic fabric with riveted reinforcements
  • Nylon storage bag
  • 300 lb. capacity

Detail of the connecting strap at the bottom of the stool.  Unfold and connect the two steel straps together and have a seat.

The ClikSit next to the Clik Elite Contrejour 40 for scale

Carry bag that comes with the ClikSit.  The package is small and light and fits easily in the front pocket of the Clik Elite Contrejour 40 camera backpack

Clik Elite Contrejour 35 / 40 Photo Backpack Review


If you’ve seen my reviews before you know that I don’t really review a product unless I really like it, or really hate it.  Before you go on you should know I’m partially biased since I’m sponsored by Clik Elite.  So that being said take it for what it’s worth but I’ve been using the production model of this pack for the last year, and a prototype the year before, I think it’s an honest review.

The Clik Elite Contrejour comes in two sizes, the 35L and the 40L pack.  Both of these packs are almost identical with the only difference being the 40L is two inches taller.  It doesn’t sound like much but in the terms of fit, two inches makes a huge difference if you are…..rather vertically challenged like myself.  Most men would probably like the fit of the 40L, I’d suggest people shorter than 5’5″ to go with the 35L for a better fit.

This pack has been a long time coming with Clik Elite and I’m glad to have been a part of the development.  There are a few key features to this camera pack that stick out as different from the pack.  The Contrejour has a curve to the pack to more closely follow the curvature of your back that is built into the aluminum frame as well as the rigid foam camera block that is built into the pack.  Having the camera block built into the pack makes for one less thing to move around while you are skiing, snowboarding, biking, hiking, etc to help keep the bag glued to your back while you are charging hard to get into location.

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Level 1 Productions After Dark DVD Box Cover


As long as I’ve been working with Level 1 Productions it’s one of the covers that have eluded me through the years.  We have been working together since near the start of my career so finally getting it now is something I’m pretty excited about.  My shot of Alex Bellemarre in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is sharing the cover of the After Dark DVD with  photographer Chris O’Connell’s shot of Tanner Rainville at Great Canadian Heli in Golden, BC, Canada.

This type of feature has been on my to do list for at least 5 years now.  The urban death gap has eluded me now for quite some time but this past season with a really fast winch that Level 1 purchased we were able to do it.  I had the shots on Alex’s first try, but standing up a 50 foot rodeo 5 to flat was no easy task.  Fortunately a few tries after Alex said he didn’t think it was possible, the kid powered through and stomped one of the more ridiculous things I’ve ever shot.

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