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Monday afternoon entertainment


This video just never gets old.  I wish we’d run into more guys like this while shooting urban instead of the usual suspects. Don’t do it in the park!


Wrenching on the salt


If you’ve seen my twitter posts in the past week, I spent a few days on the Bonneville Salt Flats near Wendover, Utah shooting the FIA Bonneville Shootout land speed record attempt with 400+mph cars!  For those that don’t know, the FIA is the governing body for race series like F1 (Formula 1) and the WRC (World Rally Championship).  I ran across all sorts of people, but the mechanics seemed to be the most colorful out of all that was there.  This guy (I can’t remember his name for the life of me) was pretty cool and with that beard, I had to take a few photos.  What you see is what you get out there on the salt.  Salt, lots of it.  Wide open nothingness.

Quick Pic 13 – Welcome to Tokyo


I came across this guy the first day in Tokyo, cruising through the insanely busy streets of the Shibuya district with Jen Hudak and Julian Carr last February.  This guy, damn.  If I were a bum, I’d probably look exactly like him.  Scary look into the future huh?  We tried to have an impromptu Discrete Headwear shoot but even after we offered him money, he declined.  But I at least got this one.

5050 BMX King of the Mountain Best Trick at Powder Mountain, Utah


A few weeks ago I got to go out and shoot at the 5050 BMX King of the Mountain Best Trick contest at Powder Mountain, Utah.  I don’t get to shoot stuff like this very often so it was a treat for me to get out there for something like this.  I’ll keep it short, it was a really fun event, the riders threw down and the crowd was great and got into it rather colorfully.  See below for that.


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Checking in from Montana


I’m up here in Whitefish, Montana for my friend Jena’s wedding and it finally gave me some time to get over into Glacier National Park.  As everyone’s told me, this place is amazing.  I could spend the next 10 years on the trails and I’d still have so many new places to go.  I don’t shoot a ton of scenics, but hiking around with the midget on my back (camera pack) I kinda have to.  This photo of a wildflower meadow with Reynolds Mountain in the background from the Hidden Lake trail at Logan Pass was taken the day before my D3 went for a swim.  RIP D3.

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