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Powder Magazine – November 2012 – p32 – Clayton Vila in Spokane, Washington – w/ Poor Boyz Productions

There’s always a bunch of cool back stories behind a bunch of the photo and video shots we take throughout the season. Most are just about the shoot, what went into it, how it came together, and the crazy ideas that the skiers came up with. This one however goes back a bit deeper. Heather Thamm randomly contacted me after seeing this shot in Powder Magazine of Clayton Vila w/ Poor Boyz Productions. Turns out, in this small world of skiing, her father John F. Thamm was commissioned to paint those murals on the Maple Street Bridge trestles 30 years ago in Spokane, Washington.

Just before she had seen the shot in Powder Magazine, she had just written this in her blog about the murals. Small, small world. Thanks for Sharing Heather!

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