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Chris & Keelan – High Star Ranch – Kamas, Utah Wedding Photography


Wedding Photography at High Star Ranch in Kamas, Utah


Last summer I got to photograph my friends Chris & Keelan getting married at High Star Ranch in Kamas, Utah.  It’s a pretty awesome venue, and since I had photographed a wedding the year before there it was pretty nice to have a good idea of what to expect with the venue.  It was a super fun day, I hope you like the photos!

Interview with PocketWizard


I’ve been working with PocketWizard wireless transcievers for a good portion of my career using them to fire my flashes and cameras all around the scene I’m shooting.  Recently they featured me in an interview on their blog.
Check it out if you get a chance, and thanks to PocketWizard for the support!

2015 Freeskier Photo Annual – Tim McChesney & Will Berman

2015 Freeskier Photo Annual p85 - Tim McChesney & Will Berman

2015 Freeskier Photo Annual p85 – Tim McChesney & Will Berman

Finally have some time to start posting photos from this winter’s publishing season.  Expect to see some more regularly.
Freeskier Magazine – 2015 Photo Annual p85
Top: Tim McChesney in St. Paul, Minnesota w/Level 1 Productions
Bottom: Will Berman in Minneapolis, Minnesota w/Level 1 Productions

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