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Paved Magazine gallery – Tour of Utah Time Trials – Miller Motorsports Park



The last two years I’ve had the rare opportunity to literally stand on the rumble strips of the full configuration of Miller Motorsports Park.  However, it’s at a bit lower speed from the normal 100+mph race car and superbike action usually seen here.  The Tour of Utah has come to Miller Motorsports Park the last four years for the time trial event and the last two years I’ve gone out and assisted (strobe pack bitch) for my friend Re Wikstrom who was shooting photos for  I’ve spent a lot of time out at Miller Motorsports Park shooting photos of race cars and superbikes so coming into this I knew the venue, what turns looked good at what time of day, etc.  It’s one of the few times I’ve stepped into shooting a fairly unpracticed subject where I wasn’t worried about coming home with good photos.  This shot was taken on Devil, the triple apex turn 7 of the full track configuration.  I’m looking forward to this year’s team time trials event!

5050 BMX King of the Mountain Best Trick at Powder Mountain, Utah


A few weeks ago I got to go out and shoot at the 5050 BMX King of the Mountain Best Trick contest at Powder Mountain, Utah.  I don’t get to shoot stuff like this very often so it was a treat for me to get out there for something like this.  I’ll keep it short, it was a really fun event, the riders threw down and the crowd was great and got into it rather colorfully.  See below for that.


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Bike Magazine – November 2010


Geoff Guelvich dropping the Icon sender feature at the Red Bull Rampage in Virgin, Utah

Darren Barrecloth getting his wallride on at the Red Bull Rampage in Virgin, Utah

The first photos you have published in a new magazine are always cool, this time it’s a bit cooler beceause it’s in Bike Magazine.  I had never shot any mountain biking until a week before the Red Bull Rampage but I got a chance to go to the Rampage this year and shoot, so why not right?  It’s an event that I’ve always wanted to go and watch and I was really looking forward to being behind the ropes, in the venue to shoot photos.  The event itself is nuts, a complete media circus with helicopters flying around and more photographers and filmers surrounding single terrain features than you can imagine at times.  At one point there were 27 photographers shooting a wallride that Darren Berrecloth was practicing on while prepping his competition line.  In the case of the first photo above, everyone had a long lens on, so with the clouds looking cool as they were I decided to try the opposite approach.  Looks like it worked!  I’m hoping to get out next season and shoot a bit more bike, we’ll see if I get the chance.  It’s a ton of fun!   Thanks to Christian Pondella, Harookz and Sterling Lorence for pointing me in the right direction out there!

Check out the previous post on the Red Bull Rampage with another photo here.

Red Bull Rampage


Mike Hopkins jumping the 45 foot canyon gap at the 2010 Red Bull Rampage in Virgin, UtahNikon D3 / Nikon 16mm f2.8 Fisheye / ISO 200 @ 1/1000 sec @ f6.3 / Elinchrom Ranger RX AS Speed with A-Head / Pocket Wizard FlexTT5 Transcievers for Nikon

I finally had the opportunity to make it to the Red Bull Rampage this summer.  The Red Bull Rampage is the event of all events in mountain biking.   It’s an event I’ve wanted to go to since it’s inception almost 10 years ago and just never had the time or opportunity to make it.  This year I finally did.  I was fortunate enough to snag a media credential to this event and I shot it my way.  Of course, I shot it with strobes.  I’ve been testing some of the new Pocket Wizard FlexTT5’s for Nikon in development and with the lack of skiing in October, I was stoked to be able to have something this awesome to shoot and test the new gear out with.   I was one of the few that was using lighting out there, it’s a very difficult event to be doing that.  The action moves from spot to spot and at times you could see hoards of photographers and cinematographers sprinting from location to location in between runs to setup the next shot.  The event is pure madness.  From the insane action to the endless clouds of orange dust to the thunderstorms to the desert heat to the helicopters and 3d camera rigs it was just pure madness.  I’m so glad I went, I’ll have some more to share soon.

I’ll have more later about the new Pocket Wizard FlexTT5’s for Nikon.  For now though, I’ve been able to get full hypersync at 1/640 of a second with an Elinchrom Ranger RX AS Speed with A-Head at full power as well as with Alien Bees 400, 800 and 1600’s with half-frame (only the top half of the frame exposed with flash) hypersync up to 1/1000 of a second and about 1/3 hypersync (only the top 1/3 of the frame exposed with flash) hypersync at 1/1250 of a second.  With the Profoto 7b’s and the Pocket Wizard FlexTT5’s for Nikon I was able to get a seemingly endless hypersync, however the output of the flash is limited  due to the shutter speed cutting off the flash due to 7b’s slower flash durations at full power.

I’m really stoked on the potential of what I can do with the new Pocket Wizard FlexTT5’s for Nikon.  What I’ve only previously been able to do with the 6mp Nikon D40 and D70 with high speed sync, I’m now able to do at 12mp with my D3 and if need be, the 24.5mp Nikon D3x.  They will hopefully be released soon!



Pat Laughlin front flipping the redneck mini-mega ramp on his BMX bike at the Thrillbillies Compound.

A few months ago I had some new neighbors move in.  As it turns out they like to do a lot of dumb things on camera for the Fuel TV show Thrillbillies…pretty good for me!  I finally was able to meet up with the Thrillbillies crew and got to shoot their redneck obstacle course.  Needless to say, rednecks, video cameras, there was a lot of entertaining stunts going down for sure.  This shot above is of Thrillbilly and pro BMX rider Pat Laughlin front flipping off a jump built for a backflip.  Pat likes to send it, seems like a good mix for this crew.

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SLC Tallbike Jousting!


The winner rides away with the loser on the ground...and the crowd goes wild!This was the second time I’ve had a chance to shoot tallbike jousting and this time around I was a bit more prepared for what to expect than the first.  It’s one of the funnest events that I’ve had a chance to shoot, it’s action, rediculous (come on, jousting on tallbikes…really?), costumes and there’s no shortage of carnage.  What more could you really ask for?  We started out at Liberty Park and once everyone came together we all moved out to the location.  I actually got a chance to get ahead to the location this time since I actually made it on time and then found out where we were going!  Chalk one up to being prepared this time!  Check out last year’s photos here.

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Tour of Utah – Stage 3 – Miller Motorsports Park Time Trials


A racer about to overtake another through the Attitudes at Miller Motorsports Park during Stage 3 of the Tour of Utah

Another first for me, I’ve never shot photos of or seen a road bike time trials before.  I also have never seen this out on a road course for auto racing.  Yesterday was a really cool experience, I got to walk around the race track at Miller Motorsports Park.  It’s usually something you don’t get to do, the track is usually buzzing with race cars and motorcycles going 100+ miles an hour, the track is usually on lockdown.  As the most of the track was shut down for the general public due to the use of the perimeter road I decided to go out to help my friend Re Wikstrom run strobes while she was covering the event.  Since she didn’t really need them till the end of the race when the light got low, I got to shoot quite a bit.  It’s quite the different scene at the Tour of Utah Time Trial with such different gear, the crazy helmets, wheels, etc.  It’s very different visually and I’m glad I went.

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Tour of Utah – Stage 2 – Thanksgiving Point to Mt. Nebo


Francisco Mancebo Perez and Ian Boswell climbing to the finish near the Mt. Nebo Summit in stage 2 of the Tour of Utah

Cycling isn’t exactly something I usually pay attention to, or shoot for that matter.  However, this summer has been one of shooting photos of things, sports, events that are new to me, or at least that I don’t usually cover professionally.  I headed up to the Mt. Nebo Summit today to shoot the second stage of the Tour of Utah cycling race.  Today’s stage was a pretty brutal climb of over 4,500 feet from Thanksgiving Point to Mt. Nebo Summit.  As I usually light 75% of my ski photos, I figure why not give it a go with this?  The clouds in the background were pretty dark and gloomy looking so this pretty well setup perfect for how I usually shoot cloudy day ski shots.

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