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FIA InMotion Magazine – The Need For Speed


This summer I was contacted by the FIA’s magazine about shooting a feature on a land speed record attempt out at the Bonneville Salt Flats near Wendover, Utah.  For those of you snow people that don’t know what the FIA is, it’s basically FIS but for auto racing.  I’m a car geek.  I’ve been one for a while, but I have yet to pursue any real opportunities photographing auto racing as I wanted to keep that fun part of life, just that.  Fun and not work.  This opportunity seemed quite mellow and maybe a good slide into that side a bit so I gave it a go.

 I was pumped to get out on the salt again, when I went out last year for Speed Week, it was a really cool experience but this time around I was shooting a feature, giving me a bit of direction this time around.  Another thing that was pretty fun was to be out there at sunset and sunrise, with access to these crazy machines.  I had never seen cars like this in person, and had no idea what 457mph looked like.   It was a trip for sure to see cars going that fast and trying to keep up with my eyes, let alone my camera!

After sending in the photos I got a response telling me that the planned 4 page feature was being bumped to a 6 pager since they liked the photos, and I was stoked to hear that!  I then got the next email with the link to the magazine online and found that it had been now bumped to 12 pages.  I even managed to get a photo of my own truck in the story on accident.  I left a photo I took of my truck at sunset on the salt in the edit.  Turns out they wanted it and my little truck is now in an internati0nal publication.  Pretty cool huh?

View the PDF of the 12 page feature here:

Wrenching on the salt


If you’ve seen my twitter posts in the past week, I spent a few days on the Bonneville Salt Flats near Wendover, Utah shooting the FIA Bonneville Shootout land speed record attempt with 400+mph cars!  For those that don’t know, the FIA is the governing body for race series like F1 (Formula 1) and the WRC (World Rally Championship).  I ran across all sorts of people, but the mechanics seemed to be the most colorful out of all that was there.  This guy (I can’t remember his name for the life of me) was pretty cool and with that beard, I had to take a few photos.  What you see is what you get out there on the salt.  Salt, lots of it.  Wide open nothingness.

Quick Pic 9 – Biggie’s Evo


Biggie's Mitsubishi Evo at Miller Motorsports Park - Tooele, UT

A few weeks ago I went out to Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, UT to help out Orlando Echeverria on his shoot for Modified Magazine of Aaron Brown’s Mitsubishi Evo 9.  Orlando’s shown me a bit with his camera rig shots and has a bit on his blog here of the behind the scenes.  As much as I’d love to be shooting my own rig shots, I haven’t committed to the investment of getting a proper rig, as they are quite expensive for me to do that right now!

Anyhoo, I finally got a chance to use some graduated neutral density filters, and take a car portrait out on the track so it was a pretty good day of new things for me.  I do have to say, driving my truck on a race track to get out to the shooting location was so so so painful……a truck, on a race track.  Yah.

Freeride Moto


Jason Smith hooking a turn in Mountain View, Wyoming

This past week was quite the busy week.  I went out with the JMills Entertainment crew filming for their upcoming moto video, “Elevate” to New Plymouth, Idaho for “The Big Nasty” Moto hill climb race. After a few days of shooting one of the gnarliest races I’ve ever shot, we moved on to Mountain View, Wyoming for a freeride shoot on the moon.  The terrain there is crazy looking desert peaks with endless gullies and rolls.  It was a lot of fun with some real long days and I have more photos than I know what to do with to edit through.  Actually, it’s 66gb to be precise.  I’ll have my hands full editing so this is just a tease until I can get through those.  The photo above is hill climber of Jason Smith the 2010 NAHA champ in the 450 cc class.

Quick Pic 6 – American LeMans at Miller Motorsports Park


Between Black Rock (turn 5) and Right Hook (turn 6) on the full course during the 2010 American LeMans Race at Miller Motorsports Park1/125 sec / f11 / ISO 100 / 170mm / Nikon D3 / Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR

Speed Week – Bonneville Salt Flats


One of the many hundreds of tents and RV's lining the perimeter of the race course at the Bonneville Salt Flats for the 2010 Speed Week in Wendover, Utah

The Bonneville Salt Flats is a place I’ve been to a few times, however never while any racing was going on.  It was quite the scene, very different from any auto race I’ve been to in the past, no frills, just insanely fast cars, as many RV’s as you’d see at Burning Man, vintage cars, vintage people, and…rednecks, lots and lots of rednecks.

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Subaru STI up on the Aspen Loop near Mt. Timpanogas


Julian Fohrman's Subaru WRX STI at Mt. Timpanogas, Utah

This photo, shot about 2 years ago in October of 2008 is one I simply forgot about until recently.  It wasn’t until recently that I met a local automotive photographer, Orlando Echeverria and reminded me about composites and how I could make this shot work better than when I shot it.  I had some issues with my flashes working on this shoot so the lighting wasn’t as even as I was hoping for.  Today, I opened it up, and did some work in photoshop to bring it closer to what I had in mind originally.  I’m pretty stoked to get out and shoot a bit more, things such as this.  Look for more to come.

the big audi r8 heffner twin turbo build


The Audi R8 on the rack the day before testing.

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SCCA TDI Cup at Miller Motorsports Park


Professional freeskier Grete Elliassen driving in the SCCA TDI Cup at Miller Motorsports ParkIt had been about two years since I was last out at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, UT.  A lot of my friends are involved in the race scene out there but with the amount of travel I’ve done in the Summer the past two years, it’s been tough to get out.  A week ago my friend Stan Evans was heading out to shoot the SCCA TDI Cup for Red Bull and the movie “Say My Name” as professional freeskier Grete Eliassen was driving in the event so I went along to help out and shoot a little bit.

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Quick pic


One of the garages at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, UT

Nothing else, just this photo.  Shot it a few weeks ago out in the garages at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, UT because it just looked cool.

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