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The first run – published photos so far, Powder Magazine, Freeskier Magazine, The Wallisch Project



Tom Wallisch Scott Sports Poster

The first few issues of the magazines of the season are always a bit more of a treat to see your shots in print as it’s been eight to ten months since I’ve seen a fresh ski magazine come across the newsstands.

John Ware (Left) – Powder Magazine – September 2013 Shooting Gallery – Hartford, CT – w/Level 1 Productions

Tom Wallisch – Powder Magazine – September 2013 – P72 – The Wallisch Project

The Wallisch Project Cover Art

Sig Tveit – Freeskier Magazine – 2014 Buyer’s Guide – Sun Valley, Idaho – w/Level 1 Productions

Will Berman – Freeskier Magazine 2014 Buyer’s Guide – p77 – Slopestyle Ski Shop Ad – w/4Bi9 Media

Tom Wallisch Scott Sports Ads


A few more shots that have run as Scott Sports ads in Freeskier Magazine from the Alaska trip last March of Tom Wallisch with Level 1 Productions.

And it begins….The North Face ad – Tom Wallisch in Alaska


Three drive by’s, two inspections, killed a few hours, then we finally went in.  10pm-6am.  Sometimes the features, the tricks we are shooting that the skiers do are more of something that works better in video and not so much photos.  Sometimes it works for both, and almost never do I get to shoot on one that is more for photos than video.  Fortunately on this trip the skiers decided to hook me up and we went to this location.  Visually, this place was pretty awesome by itself.  Great architectural lines, great texture in the materials of the building, good landscape to the building.  Now, just add Tom Wallisch.  Well actually, just add snow.  A lot of it.  The landing had to be completely imported, about 6″ deep of snow in a strip about 15×50 feet, also we had to pile snow on the stairs to act as the jump.  We were there for a bit building this, well into the morning.  For me, this came out exactly as I had designed the shot out in my mind, even the lighting.     A good, long day, making the trip worthwhile this this North Face ad coming out of it.

As usual these days, this one was shot with the whole truckload of lighting.  Everything I brought.  This was also my first go with the Canon 5D MK3.  All season I had been missing the low light capabilities of my old Nikon D3 but Canon finally caught up with the 5D MK3 which helped out a lot on this one since I only had my travel light kit with me.  Since the scene was so large in this feature, I was forced to use each speedlight as if it was a full-sized studio light.  With that, there was a lot less light/power available and I had to crank up the ISO to 1000 @ f5  to compensate as I’m usually shooting night shots at ISO 200 @ f8.

This was shot with Level 1 Productions while filming for their upcoming movie,  Sunny

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