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Freeskiing Magazine (Japan) Cover


Freeskiing Magazine (Japan) Cover - Mike HornbeckSometimes I get the photo how I want pretty quickly, and sometimes, like this time it took a second trip, and a few more hours before I was able to figure out how to light this one.   To add to this, it took two days, a new motor, and a ton of frustration until we were able to get the winch cranking fast enough to allow the skiers to get the tricks they wanted.  There’s always that first jib feature of the trip that gets me shaking my head, thinking “you fuckers are crazy.”  Well, this was it.  Mike Hornbeck, sliding up, around and back down on this ledge was pretty nuts.  I don’t always get to shoot near sunset but fortunately on January 3rd in Anchorage, Alaska, we had about an hour and a half of this kind of sky, which is pretty damn awesome when you’re trying to get just the right shot, on such a difficult feature for the skiers to get.

FallLine Ski Magazine Cover at Alta, Utah – UK


This just came in over the interweb.  Stoked about this one, especially since the shot is a few years old.  Just goes to prove that pow skiing is timeless, whereas a jib shot wouldn’t be current enough after a season has gone by.  This shot is of Hannah Whitney taken in Grizzly Gulch at Alta, Utah.  This evening was at the height of a storm that dumped 5 feet in 5 days.  The snow was so deep and light that I had to ask Hannah to barely ski in with any speed because when she came in at a normal speed so it wouldn’t look like burrowing through snow!

Level 1 Productions After Dark DVD Box Cover


As long as I’ve been working with Level 1 Productions it’s one of the covers that have eluded me through the years.  We have been working together since near the start of my career so finally getting it now is something I’m pretty excited about.  My shot of Alex Bellemarre in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is sharing the cover of the After Dark DVD with  photographer Chris O’Connell’s shot of Tanner Rainville at Great Canadian Heli in Golden, BC, Canada.

This type of feature has been on my to do list for at least 5 years now.  The urban death gap has eluded me now for quite some time but this past season with a really fast winch that Level 1 purchased we were able to do it.  I had the shots on Alex’s first try, but standing up a 50 foot rodeo 5 to flat was no easy task.  Fortunately a few tries after Alex said he didn’t think it was possible, the kid powered through and stomped one of the more ridiculous things I’ve ever shot.

1st cover of the season rolls through! Byron Wells – New Zealand Ski and Snow


One of the added benefits of shooting with Byron Wells is since he’s from New Zealand and their ski magazines come out in June I get to see my photos in print a lot earlier than waiting 6 months for the photos to run in the ski magazines up in the Northern Hemisphere.  This year is no different except Byron’s a bit more prominent in the magazine this time!  Apparently the cover has some pretty good detail treatment with a bunch of foil print on the text so I’m pretty excited to see it in person.  This is a shot from 2010 in Park City in this little backcountry urban zone as I like to call it that crews have been milking for the past few seasons.  The old mining buildings in this zone make for some pretty unique shooting opportunities.  This shot has was actually a horizontal shot and was cropped quite a bit to fit the vertical cover.  Just about every time I’ve shot urban with Byron, it’s something he hasn’t tried before, but we always end up getting shots.  He’s one hard working kid that wants to get shots.  Glad Byron finally has a cover shot down there.  Check out the original below.

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