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And it begins….The North Face ad – Tom Wallisch in Alaska


Three drive by’s, two inspections, killed a few hours, then we finally went in.  10pm-6am.  Sometimes the features, the tricks we are shooting that the skiers do are more of something that works better in video and not so much photos.  Sometimes it works for both, and almost never do I get to shoot on one that is more for photos than video.  Fortunately on this trip the skiers decided to hook me up and we went to this location.  Visually, this place was pretty awesome by itself.  Great architectural lines, great texture in the materials of the building, good landscape to the building.  Now, just add Tom Wallisch.  Well actually, just add snow.  A lot of it.  The landing had to be completely imported, about 6″ deep of snow in a strip about 15×50 feet, also we had to pile snow on the stairs to act as the jump.  We were there for a bit building this, well into the morning.  For me, this came out exactly as I had designed the shot out in my mind, even the lighting.     A good, long day, making the trip worthwhile this this North Face ad coming out of it.

As usual these days, this one was shot with the whole truckload of lighting.  Everything I brought.  This was also my first go with the Canon 5D MK3.  All season I had been missing the low light capabilities of my old Nikon D3 but Canon finally caught up with the 5D MK3 which helped out a lot on this one since I only had my travel light kit with me.  Since the scene was so large in this feature, I was forced to use each speedlight as if it was a full-sized studio light.  With that, there was a lot less light/power available and I had to crank up the ISO to 1000 @ f5  to compensate as I’m usually shooting night shots at ISO 200 @ f8.

This was shot with Level 1 Productions while filming for their upcoming movie,  Sunny

Paved Magazine gallery – Tour of Utah Time Trials – Miller Motorsports Park



The last two years I’ve had the rare opportunity to literally stand on the rumble strips of the full configuration of Miller Motorsports Park.  However, it’s at a bit lower speed from the normal 100+mph race car and superbike action usually seen here.  The Tour of Utah has come to Miller Motorsports Park the last four years for the time trial event and the last two years I’ve gone out and assisted (strobe pack bitch) for my friend Re Wikstrom who was shooting photos for  I’ve spent a lot of time out at Miller Motorsports Park shooting photos of race cars and superbikes so coming into this I knew the venue, what turns looked good at what time of day, etc.  It’s one of the few times I’ve stepped into shooting a fairly unpracticed subject where I wasn’t worried about coming home with good photos.  This shot was taken on Devil, the triple apex turn 7 of the full track configuration.  I’m looking forward to this year’s team time trials event!

Ski Photography – Tom Wallisch Scott Sports Ad – Breckenridge Resort, Colorado


Tom Wallisch at Breckenridge Resort, Colorado during a shoot for Level 1 Productions film After Dark.
Nikon D3 + Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 + Elinchrom Ranger RX AS Speed (2) + Paul Buff Einstein’s (2) + Nikon SB80 DX (5) + PocketWizard Plus, Multimax, FlexTT5 transcievers + industrial fog machine

It usually doesn’t work out where two of your favorite shots of the year end up being ads for the same company, with the same athlete.  Last season I guess it just came together.  Myself and Tom drove out from Salt Lake City the day of this shoot going from almost summer weather in Salt Lake to full to being slapped in the face with full on winter when we arrived to Peak 9 at Breckenridge Resort, Colorado.  We were late and the crew was about an hour into the shoot.  We unloaded our gear, got our gear on in the car and caught a snowmobile ride up to the feature.  Level 1 Productions brought up a fog machine and combined with the snowfall, it made the shot for me.  If you haven’t worked with a fog machine outside before, you’re in for one hell of a treat.  I mean frustration.  If the wind picks up at all, you lose all control of the fog and with wind being unpredictable, it’s all the luck of the draw.  Fortunately this photo happened about half way into the session since the wind picked up a bit after that and made things difficult to say the least.  With the wind being one of the elements of challenge in this shot, the snow became another challenge.   None of the skiers were really excited about the heavy snowfall, but of course it’s my favorite bit of conditions to work in.  Shooting with heavy snowfall brings in some challenges with keeping your lenses clean and dry, but also keeping my strobes dry and working properly  too.  Something as simple as a large plastic bag going over your strobes can do it.  So far the bags that my outerwear comes in have been the best ones for this as they are HUGE and of course, clear.  I have heard that a turkey basting bag works very well and is a bit easier to come by, as just about any grocery store is going to carry these.  All that being said, I love shooting with the snow falling.  There’s so many things you can do with depth of field and all the different lighting options, it can add a bit of extra dimension to the shot.  As with most times I go out to shoot at night, we finished this night up about midnight and the very long day finally came to a close.

I know this was an ad somewhere, I just don’t know where.  If anyone has seen it anywhere, please let me know!

Ski Photography – SBC Skier Magazine issue 3 & 4 (photo annual)


The last two issues of SBC Skier Magazine from Canada have hit the newsstands and I have a few more photos I’m pretty stoked on that made it into the magazine as well as three shots in their first ever Photo Issue as well.

SBC Skier Magazine issue 11.3 p98-99 – Pro Freeskier Will Wesson sliding a quad kinked elbow handrail in Reno, Nevada – w / Level 1 Productions

SBC Skier Magazine issue 11.3 p36 – Pro freeskier Tom Wallisch jumping a double sided spine at Breckneridge Resort, Colorado w /  Level 1 Productions

SBC Skier Magazine issue 11.4 p59 – Pro Freeskier Byron Wells jumping the transfer gap in the King’s Crown Terrain Park at Park City Mountain Resort, Utah

SBC Skier Magazine issue 11.4 p63 – Dave Treadway launching a backflip off a huge cliff during the Red Bull Cold Rush in Silverton, Colorado

FIA InMotion Magazine – The Need For Speed


This summer I was contacted by the FIA’s magazine about shooting a feature on a land speed record attempt out at the Bonneville Salt Flats near Wendover, Utah.  For those of you snow people that don’t know what the FIA is, it’s basically FIS but for auto racing.  I’m a car geek.  I’ve been one for a while, but I have yet to pursue any real opportunities photographing auto racing as I wanted to keep that fun part of life, just that.  Fun and not work.  This opportunity seemed quite mellow and maybe a good slide into that side a bit so I gave it a go.

 I was pumped to get out on the salt again, when I went out last year for Speed Week, it was a really cool experience but this time around I was shooting a feature, giving me a bit of direction this time around.  Another thing that was pretty fun was to be out there at sunset and sunrise, with access to these crazy machines.  I had never seen cars like this in person, and had no idea what 457mph looked like.   It was a trip for sure to see cars going that fast and trying to keep up with my eyes, let alone my camera!

After sending in the photos I got a response telling me that the planned 4 page feature was being bumped to a 6 pager since they liked the photos, and I was stoked to hear that!  I then got the next email with the link to the magazine online and found that it had been now bumped to 12 pages.  I even managed to get a photo of my own truck in the story on accident.  I left a photo I took of my truck at sunset on the salt in the edit.  Turns out they wanted it and my little truck is now in an internati0nal publication.  Pretty cool huh?

View the PDF of the 12 page feature here:

SBC Skier Magazine


A few shots from the first few issues of SBC Skier Magazine in Canada.

Roz Grouenwood at the 2011 Snowbasin Winter Dew Tour Superpipe Toyota Championships

Mike Hornbeck at Breckenridge, Colorado with Level 1 Productions

Anna Segal on the final jump at the 2011 Snowbasin Winter Dew Tour Slopestyle Toyota Championships

Justin Dorey at Alpine Meadows, California with Level 1 Productions

Kaya Turski at Alpine Meadows, California with Level 1 Productions

Alex Bellamare crashing in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with Level 1 Productions

Alex Bellamare at Sun Valley Resort, Idaho with Level 1 Productions

Alex Bellamare at Sun Valley Resort, Idaho with Level 1 Productions


National Geographic Adventure


About the last thing I’d ever expected was to have a urban skiing photo in National Geographic.  Well, that day has come and it’s a pretty cool one.  It’s not in the magazine, it’s just their “Extreme Photo of The Week”  but hey, I don’t care it’s just cool.  This shot of Nick Martini at Powder Mountain during a Poor Boyz Productions shoot last season was recently in the January issue of Powder Magazine but National Geographic Adventure picked it up for their website.

Check it out when you get a chance here:







FallLine Ski Magazine Cover at Alta, Utah – UK


This just came in over the interweb.  Stoked about this one, especially since the shot is a few years old.  Just goes to prove that pow skiing is timeless, whereas a jib shot wouldn’t be current enough after a season has gone by.  This shot is of Hannah Whitney taken in Grizzly Gulch at Alta, Utah.  This evening was at the height of a storm that dumped 5 feet in 5 days.  The snow was so deep and light that I had to ask Hannah to barely ski in with any speed because when she came in at a normal speed so it wouldn’t look like burrowing through snow!

Ski Photos from Freeskier Magazine, December 2011


Will Wesson sliding bleachers at a baseball field in Salt Lake City, UT – w/Level 1 Productions – Freeskier 14.4 p026-027

Clayton Vila dropping off a closeout rail in Spokane, WA – w/Poor Boyz Productions – Freeskier 14.4 p051

Bobby Brown doubling up with a double corked 1080 on the final jump in the Winter Dew Tour Toyota Championships Slopestyle course at Snowbasin, UT – Freeskier 14.1 p095

The bus ride back to town, and the voting process during the Red Bull Cold Rush in Silverton, CO – Freeskier 14.1 p116

Powder Magazine – September / October 2011


Things are a bit busy right now and I haven’t had the time I hoped to have to spend on the blog.  I’ll have a few things in the next few weeks but for now here’s a few recently published photos in Powder Magazine this season so far including the UK feature “Carry That Weight”.  Hope you dig it.

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