“Empowering Innovators”


The Adventure Photographer from Intel on Vimeo.

I recently was contacted by Efran Films in NY to be a part of their video series for Intel called “Empowering Innovators” which highlights creative professionals using the newest Intel tech. They followed me around in the morning shooting with professional freeskier John Ware at I Ride Park City ( Park City Mountain Resort) to peek into how I work, from up on the mountain to back in the pain cave editing away.  It also highlights the use of a Eye-Fi SD wifi card so I’m able to push photos to my phone or tablet (Dell Venue 8 32gb Android Tablet) while shooting to be able to show clients for instant review on the spot, on a large tablet screen, or to quickly send photos out to clients for review or of course, to push to my social media channels.

It was a cool experience being on the other side of the camera, and am super psyched to have a video highlighting my work, outside of the snow sports world.


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  1. 1 Patrick @ Fit Me Tea Posted April 12th, 2014 - 3:59 am

    Hey Erik,

    Like I said over on the Vimeo comments in your Intel Innovators video, I’ve been seeing your work more and more lately and I’m impressed! You are turning out stellar work and it’s so great that you’re able to enjoy the beauty and lifestyle Park City offers while getting to do something you love. I’m a bit of a photographer myself – I love making little films and taking pictures – mostly of my 2 year old daughter or our line of loose leaf teas 🙂

    I love how you use flash in your action sports pictures. I know more people are doing it now but you really master it. I know it’s a lot of work carting all that gear onto the mountain and learning the intricacies of working with the strobes, batteries, transmitters, etc. and most ‘amateur’ sports photographers just want to show up and snap a few shots. It’s really evident that you put a lot of time and work into your shoots, in addition to your obvious talent. Awesome work.

    It’s also really nice of you to educate everyone with your blog to show what gear you use and how to use it well. I know lighting pretty well, but do mostly studio type lighting setups. I’ve never gotten into off camera flash, but want to now.

    BTW, we’ve got a presence up in Park City with our action tea line, Fit Me Tea. We are in this month’s MercoBox — a really cool SLC based company that sends great local goods to people all over Utah in a little subscription box. My business partner lives right in Park City! Small world.

    Our goal is to get loose leaf tea into the action sports world. We’re off to a great start!

    Keep up the good work in Park City. Come check out what we’re doing over at http://www.fitmetea.com

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