Freeskiing Magazine (Japan) Cover


Freeskiing Magazine (Japan) Cover - Mike HornbeckSometimes I get the photo how I want pretty quickly, and sometimes, like this time it took a second trip, and a few more hours before I was able to figure out how to light this one.   To add to this, it took two days, a new motor, and a ton of frustration until we were able to get the winch cranking fast enough to allow the skiers to get the tricks they wanted.  There’s always that first jib feature of the trip that gets me shaking my head, thinking “you fuckers are crazy.”  Well, this was it.  Mike Hornbeck, sliding up, around and back down on this ledge was pretty nuts.  I don’t always get to shoot near sunset but fortunately on January 3rd in Anchorage, Alaska, we had about an hour and a half of this kind of sky, which is pretty damn awesome when you’re trying to get just the right shot, on such a difficult feature for the skiers to get.

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