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John Strenio – 2017 Powder Magazine Photo Annual – Urban Ski Photography

Ski photography of X-Games Real Ski competitor John Strenio sliding a double-z quad kinked handrail in Silver Spring, Maryland while filming his video part for the upcoming Real Ski urban street skiing competition.

Powder Magazine
2017 Photo Annual – pp74-75
John Strenio sliding a quad kinked double z-rail in Silver Spring, MD while filming for his part for Level 1 Productions movie “Pleasure”

Powder​ Magazine 2017 Photo Annual pp74-75
LJ Strenio​ sliding a double z-rail in Silver Spring, MD last winter with Level 1​. One of the craziest handrails I’ve ever shot!

McRae Williams – Freeskiing – 2017 Forecast Ski Magazine Photo Annual

Ski photography of X-Games freeskiing silver medalist McRae Williams jumping over a fence in Salt Lake City, Utah while filming urban street skiing for his video part in the Level 1 Productions ski movie "Pleasure"

Forecast Ski Magazine Volume 2.4
2017 Photo Annual – p80
McRae Williams rodeo 5 fence gap step down in Salt Lake City, Utah w/ Level 1 Productions for the movie “Pleasure

I’m Really psyched to be a part of Forecast Magazine’s photo annual this year.  They’ve done a really awesome job the past two years putting out their own flavor of printed ski media and it’s great to see that back out there!   This shot of McRae Williams last year was something I’ve wanted to photograph for quite a while now, but had not had the opportunity.  I was pretty psyched when I heard that McRae wanted to do this at this park in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Shot on a Canon 1D Mark IV at 1/320 f6.3 with Pocket Wizard Flex TT5’s, Elinchrom Ranger’s and Paul C. Buff Einstein’s for lighting

The first run – published photos so far, Powder Magazine, Freeskier Magazine, The Wallisch Project



Tom Wallisch Scott Sports Poster

The first few issues of the magazines of the season are always a bit more of a treat to see your shots in print as it’s been eight to ten months since I’ve seen a fresh ski magazine come across the newsstands.

John Ware (Left) – Powder Magazine – September 2013 Shooting Gallery – Hartford, CT – w/Level 1 Productions

Tom Wallisch – Powder Magazine – September 2013 – P72 – The Wallisch Project

The Wallisch Project Cover Art

Sig Tveit – Freeskier Magazine – 2014 Buyer’s Guide – Sun Valley, Idaho – w/Level 1 Productions

Will Berman – Freeskier Magazine 2014 Buyer’s Guide – p77 – Slopestyle Ski Shop Ad – w/4Bi9 Media

Random awesomeness


Powder Magazine – November 2012 – p32 – Clayton Vila in Spokane, Washington – w/ Poor Boyz Productions

There’s always a bunch of cool back stories behind a bunch of the photo and video shots we take throughout the season. Most are just about the shoot, what went into it, how it came together, and the crazy ideas that the skiers came up with. This one however goes back a bit deeper. Heather Thamm randomly contacted me after seeing this shot in Powder Magazine of Clayton Vila w/ Poor Boyz Productions. Turns out, in this small world of skiing, her father John F. Thamm was commissioned to paint those murals on the Maple Street Bridge trestles 30 years ago in Spokane, Washington.

Just before she had seen the shot in Powder Magazine, she had just written this in her blog about the murals. Small, small world. Thanks for Sharing Heather!http://www.heatherthammphotos.blogspot.com/2012_09_01_archive.html

Pro Photographer Showdown Slideshow


This was the big show.  The biggest of big shows for me, it’s something I’ve aspired to be involved with since I first saw the show back in April 2004.  Seeing the slideshows at the time from the Pro Photographer Showdown at the World Ski and Snowboard Festival made me look at action sports photography in a completely different way.  I thought then shooting action sports was just about one thing, the action, and I learned that day I was very very wrong.  Seeing the lifestyle images and portraits that tied together the action to the people, the people to the sport made me realize that there was more to it, and that I wanted to bring more to the plate.  Out of all the shows that night, Embry Rucker’s work stood out the most to me as inspiring both on the action and lifestyle side of things.  Everything changed for me that night and I set a goal to be a part of that show at some point.

The venue, horribly captured by my iphone.  You'd think a photographer would actually bring a camera to the biggest show of his career right?  Oops.

The venue, horribly captured by my iphone. You'd think a photographer would actually bring a camera to the biggest show of his career right? Oops.

Last April I entered a three minute slideshow to be considered for the finals of the Pro Photographer Showdown.  I finally felt I had enough to fill the nine minutes of photos that was required as a finalist.  I then spent nine days straight working on my show.  There’s nothing harder than trying to put together a show of your own work.  To pick out only the best of the best and leave the rest on the cutting room floor is extremely difficult.  There are so many photos I wanted to put in, and so many that I thought were hammers but after discussing with peers, realized some just held a high emotional attachment for myself for one reason or the other.  Cutting those are the hardest.  Nine days later I was finally finished and made the drive to Whistler to be a part of the biggest showcase for ski and snowboard photographers that currently exists.  I was up there against Brian Bielmann, Grant Gunderson, Jeremy Koreski,  Yves Garneau, and Whistler local Mason Mashon. To show nine minutes of my life’s work to over 3,000 people at once.  I was unbelievably stoked and nervous and kinda choked on stage actually.  Had to cut it short and get off the stage..haha.  Oops.

Myself on stage, struggling.  Photo: Darby MagillMyself on stage, struggling.  Photo: Darby Magill

The crowd at the show.  Photo: Tyler IngramThe crowd at the show.  Photo: Tyler Ingram

The WSSF Pro Photographer Showdown Awards - Photo: Vince @ SBC Skier Magazine

The WSSF Pro Photographer Showdown Awards - Photo: Vince @ SBC Skier Magazine

I did not win.  In fact check out the photo, there’s a dude across from me that’s way taller that has a 10 foot long check!  Surf photography legend Brian Bielmann took the crown with over 30 years of surf and lifestyle photography packed into 9 minutes.  Everyone else really didn’t stand a chance with 30 years worth of amazing work to pull from.  So, in four years I will be able to re-enter.  I can’t wait for it, and hope to make finals again.

If you happen to have photos from the show and you don’t mind me using them on this blog post, please let me know.  I don’t really have any photos from the show aside from what you see here.  Thanks for watching.

November Freeskier Magazine


Here’s a few from the newest issue of Freeskier Magazine, the November 2010 Issue.

Anna Segal at The Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah

Anna Segal at The Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah
Nikon D40 / Nikon 10.5mm f2.8 Fisheye /ISO 200 @  1/1000 sec@ f8 / Elinchrom Ranger RX AS Speed with A-Head / Alien Bees 800, 400 / Nikon SB80DX / Pocket Wizard Plus 2 Transcievers

Kaya Turski portrait

Kaya Turski

October Freeskier – Scott USA – Tom Walisch ad campaign, ad 2 of 3


Ad 2 of 3 in a Scott campaign of Tom Wallisch - October 2010 Freeskier Magazine

This was the 2nd of 3 ads for a Scott campaign featuring their top freeskier, Tom Wallisch (check out the first ad here).  I worked with Tom a lot this season specifically for this campaign and I’m pretty stoked on the shots and that it was based on what we both wanted to shoot as opposed to being confined to a creative breif.  It was a go out, get some epic shots and we will work with it in the end.  It allowed us to produce the best shots we could, which is something I’m stoked on.  You can’t really ask for much more but a blank canvas.

This shot in particular was the primary reason I came out to Minnesota for that trip with Level 1 Produtions.  I knew that feature would produce something I’d be stoked on and it was something I could really spend time with the lighting on.  It was a miserably cold night for the whole crew of myself, Kyle Decker (Filmer for Level 1), Tom Wallisch, Ahmet Dadali and Liam Downey and we had some challenges with some equipment and being extremely visable from a major road but everyone got their tricks, their shots and it was one extremely productive day/night.

Shot in Minneapolis, MN with Level 1 Productions for their new film “Eye Trip

Nikon D3, Nikon 70-200 f2.8 ED VR, Elinchrom Ranger RX AS Speed, Alien Bees 800, 400, Nikon SB80 DX’s, Pocket Wizard Plus 2 and MultiMaxTranscievers

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