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2015 Freeskier Photo Annual – Tim McChesney & Will Berman

2015 Freeskier Photo Annual p85 - Tim McChesney & Will Berman

2015 Freeskier Photo Annual p85 – Tim McChesney & Will Berman

Finally have some time to start posting photos from this winter’s publishing season.  Expect to see some more regularly.
Freeskier Magazine – 2015 Photo Annual p85
Top: Tim McChesney in St. Paul, Minnesota w/Level 1 Productions
Bottom: Will Berman in Minneapolis, Minnesota w/Level 1 Productions

Tom Wallisch again here. This time in a Full Tilt Boots Poster


Another shot of Tom Wallisch, from another trip to Alaska with Level 1 Productions.  This became a poster for the guys over at Full Tilt Boots.

And it begins….The North Face ad – Tom Wallisch in Alaska


Three drive by’s, two inspections, killed a few hours, then we finally went in.  10pm-6am.  Sometimes the features, the tricks we are shooting that the skiers do are more of something that works better in video and not so much photos.  Sometimes it works for both, and almost never do I get to shoot on one that is more for photos than video.  Fortunately on this trip the skiers decided to hook me up and we went to this location.  Visually, this place was pretty awesome by itself.  Great architectural lines, great texture in the materials of the building, good landscape to the building.  Now, just add Tom Wallisch.  Well actually, just add snow.  A lot of it.  The landing had to be completely imported, about 6″ deep of snow in a strip about 15×50 feet, also we had to pile snow on the stairs to act as the jump.  We were there for a bit building this, well into the morning.  For me, this came out exactly as I had designed the shot out in my mind, even the lighting.     A good, long day, making the trip worthwhile this this North Face ad coming out of it.

As usual these days, this one was shot with the whole truckload of lighting.  Everything I brought.  This was also my first go with the Canon 5D MK3.  All season I had been missing the low light capabilities of my old Nikon D3 but Canon finally caught up with the 5D MK3 which helped out a lot on this one since I only had my travel light kit with me.  Since the scene was so large in this feature, I was forced to use each speedlight as if it was a full-sized studio light.  With that, there was a lot less light/power available and I had to crank up the ISO to 1000 @ f5  to compensate as I’m usually shooting night shots at ISO 200 @ f8.

This was shot with Level 1 Productions while filming for their upcoming movie,  Sunny

Pro Photographer Showdown Slideshow


This was the big show.  The biggest of big shows for me, it’s something I’ve aspired to be involved with since I first saw the show back in April 2004.  Seeing the slideshows at the time from the Pro Photographer Showdown at the World Ski and Snowboard Festival made me look at action sports photography in a completely different way.  I thought then shooting action sports was just about one thing, the action, and I learned that day I was very very wrong.  Seeing the lifestyle images and portraits that tied together the action to the people, the people to the sport made me realize that there was more to it, and that I wanted to bring more to the plate.  Out of all the shows that night, Embry Rucker’s work stood out the most to me as inspiring both on the action and lifestyle side of things.  Everything changed for me that night and I set a goal to be a part of that show at some point.

The venue, horribly captured by my iphone.  You'd think a photographer would actually bring a camera to the biggest show of his career right?  Oops.

The venue, horribly captured by my iphone. You'd think a photographer would actually bring a camera to the biggest show of his career right? Oops.

Last April I entered a three minute slideshow to be considered for the finals of the Pro Photographer Showdown.  I finally felt I had enough to fill the nine minutes of photos that was required as a finalist.  I then spent nine days straight working on my show.  There’s nothing harder than trying to put together a show of your own work.  To pick out only the best of the best and leave the rest on the cutting room floor is extremely difficult.  There are so many photos I wanted to put in, and so many that I thought were hammers but after discussing with peers, realized some just held a high emotional attachment for myself for one reason or the other.  Cutting those are the hardest.  Nine days later I was finally finished and made the drive to Whistler to be a part of the biggest showcase for ski and snowboard photographers that currently exists.  I was up there against Brian Bielmann, Grant Gunderson, Jeremy Koreski,  Yves Garneau, and Whistler local Mason Mashon. To show nine minutes of my life’s work to over 3,000 people at once.  I was unbelievably stoked and nervous and kinda choked on stage actually.  Had to cut it short and get off the stage..haha.  Oops.

Myself on stage, struggling.  Photo: Darby MagillMyself on stage, struggling.  Photo: Darby Magill

The crowd at the show.  Photo: Tyler IngramThe crowd at the show.  Photo: Tyler Ingram

The WSSF Pro Photographer Showdown Awards - Photo: Vince @ SBC Skier Magazine

The WSSF Pro Photographer Showdown Awards - Photo: Vince @ SBC Skier Magazine

I did not win.  In fact check out the photo, there’s a dude across from me that’s way taller that has a 10 foot long check!  Surf photography legend Brian Bielmann took the crown with over 30 years of surf and lifestyle photography packed into 9 minutes.  Everyone else really didn’t stand a chance with 30 years worth of amazing work to pull from.  So, in four years I will be able to re-enter.  I can’t wait for it, and hope to make finals again.

If you happen to have photos from the show and you don’t mind me using them on this blog post, please let me know.  I don’t really have any photos from the show aside from what you see here.  Thanks for watching.

November Freeskier Magazine


Here’s a few from the newest issue of Freeskier Magazine, the November 2010 Issue.

Anna Segal at The Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah

Anna Segal at The Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah
Nikon D40 / Nikon 10.5mm f2.8 Fisheye /ISO 200 @  1/1000 sec@ f8 / Elinchrom Ranger RX AS Speed with A-Head / Alien Bees 800, 400 / Nikon SB80DX / Pocket Wizard Plus 2 Transcievers

Kaya Turski portrait

Kaya Turski

Freeride Moto


Jason Smith hooking a turn in Mountain View, Wyoming

This past week was quite the busy week.  I went out with the JMills Entertainment crew filming for their upcoming moto video, “Elevate” to New Plymouth, Idaho for “The Big Nasty” Moto hill climb race. After a few days of shooting one of the gnarliest races I’ve ever shot, we moved on to Mountain View, Wyoming for a freeride shoot on the moon.  The terrain there is crazy looking desert peaks with endless gullies and rolls.  It was a lot of fun with some real long days and I have more photos than I know what to do with to edit through.  Actually, it’s 66gb to be precise.  I’ll have my hands full editing so this is just a tease until I can get through those.  The photo above is hill climber of Jason Smith the 2010 NAHA champ in the 450 cc class.



Pat Laughlin front flipping the redneck mini-mega ramp on his BMX bike at the Thrillbillies Compound.

A few months ago I had some new neighbors move in.  As it turns out they like to do a lot of dumb things on camera for the Fuel TV show Thrillbillies…pretty good for me!  I finally was able to meet up with the Thrillbillies crew and got to shoot their redneck obstacle course.  Needless to say, rednecks, video cameras, there was a lot of entertaining stunts going down for sure.  This shot above is of Thrillbilly and pro BMX rider Pat Laughlin front flipping off a jump built for a backflip.  Pat likes to send it, seems like a good mix for this crew.

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Gallery showing Friday, September 18 at the Rage Films premiere of “Pretty Good” in Salt Lake City, UT


"Pretty Good" DVD Box Cover - Rage Films - Skier: Derek SpongI’ve decided to put on a last minute show during the premiere of this year’s Rage Films movie “Pretty Good” at the Skybox Bar and Grill in Salt Lake City, UT on Friday, September 18.  I will have a collection of large action prints from 10″x15″, 16″x24″, 20″x30″ and a 24″x36″ on metal as well as a small collection of lifestyle shots that were all taken during the filming of the movie “Pretty Good” this past Winter.  All the prints will be available for sale at very little markup from the actual cost to print and mount these photos from $50 for the 10×15’s, $75 for the 16×24’s, $100 for the 20×30’s and $230 for the 6-piece print hung on metal.

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Check out my photo gallery on espn.com


espn.com/action photo gallery screen shotI’ve been working with ESPN.com for a bit now in their action sports part of the website providing photos.  If you haven’t seen them, check out the Zoom galleries they put out every month.  I usually have a photo in there amongst the other action sports.  I just finished putting together a gallery for the espn.com/action site so check it out of you get a chance.  Angeli VanLaneen, Julian Carr, Tom Wallisch, Ian Cosco, Mike Riddle, John Strenio, Wiley Miller, Fabio Struder, Jossi Wells, Matt Walker, Corey Vanular, Rage Films, Pep Fujas, Kyler Cooley and Max Kuszaj are repped in the gallery.


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