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SBC Skier Magazine


A few shots from the first few issues of SBC Skier Magazine in Canada.

Roz Grouenwood at the 2011 Snowbasin Winter Dew Tour Superpipe Toyota Championships

Mike Hornbeck at Breckenridge, Colorado with Level 1 Productions

Anna Segal on the final jump at the 2011 Snowbasin Winter Dew Tour Slopestyle Toyota Championships

Justin Dorey at Alpine Meadows, California with Level 1 Productions

Kaya Turski at Alpine Meadows, California with Level 1 Productions

Alex Bellamare crashing in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with Level 1 Productions

Alex Bellamare at Sun Valley Resort, Idaho with Level 1 Productions

Alex Bellamare at Sun Valley Resort, Idaho with Level 1 Productions


November Freeskier Magazine


Here’s a few from the newest issue of Freeskier Magazine, the November 2010 Issue.

Anna Segal at The Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah

Anna Segal at The Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah
Nikon D40 / Nikon 10.5mm f2.8 Fisheye /ISO 200 @  1/1000 sec@ f8 / Elinchrom Ranger RX AS Speed with A-Head / Alien Bees 800, 400 / Nikon SB80DX / Pocket Wizard Plus 2 Transcievers

Kaya Turski portrait

Kaya Turski

Quick Pic 3 – Anna Segal at El Colorado Resort, Chile


Anna Segal jumping at sunset in the terrain park at El Colorado, Chile

In an effort to keep myself posting more often I’ve started a category of posts on my blog called Quick Pics.  I don’t always have time to make a blog post when I’m in the middle of travelling or a really busy cycle of work so I’ve added this section.  Just a photo, maybe with a little bit about the photo if I have time.  Judging by the traffic response so far, it seems like it’s what everyone wants to see.  These photos are going to be completely random personal work, or maybe just a photo I’ve taken in the past that has been published, or maybe one that didn’t get published but I just liked it a lot.

This photo is of Anna Segal about two years ago during a trip we went on to Chile.  This shot in particular was at a sunset session in the terrain park in El Colorado, Chile.  There are amazing sunsets almost every day out there with all the pollution in the valley of Santiago.  Shot at 1/125 sec, f5.6, ISO 100 on a Canon EOS-1D MKII, Canon 70-200 2.8 L IS lens with Alien Bees 800, Alien Bees 400,  3 Nikon SB-80DX speedlights, Pocket Wizard Plus 2 transcivers.

Powderhound Magazine (Australia) Cover


2010 Powderhound Magazine cover - Skier: Anna Segal - Location: The Canyons Resort, Utah

Two years, two covers with Powderhound Magazine.  This year it’s Anna Segal at The Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah.  I’ve been working with Powderhound Magazine for 4 seasons now, since I started shooting with the Aussies, mainly Anna Segal and Davina Williams.  This photo was one I had completely planned out before shooting it.  From the angle to the weather, skier, lighting, even the trick I wanted on it.  It didn’t completely work out to design, the natural light wasn’t quite as dark as I wanted it to be, however the two inches an hour of snowfall we were getting did work to make the shot look cold and wintry.

This was actually one of the mellower shoots of the season.  No film crew, no crew of skiers, just myself and Anna and we were in and out in about an hour.  I don’t get to do that very often, to be on a shoot with no film crew, just myself and being able to go wherever I want in order to get the shot I want.  It makes work so much easier when I get to do this!

This time of year is always a good pick me up as the magazine publication schedule in Australia and New Zealand is quite a bit earlier with the opposite seasons so I get to see shots published while I’m still shooting during the spring terrain park shoots!

Check out Anna’s website at: http://annasegal.blogspot.com

Check out last year’s cover shot with Max Kusazj at Alta, Utah here.

Farellones, Chile


My Chilean trip continues as we have left Portillo down to Santiago for a day before heading back up to Farellones, home of the 3 Valleys of La Parva, El Colorado and Valle Nevado ski resorts. We were supposed to be heading to Las Lenas, however they decided to back out on the lift tickets they had promised us two and a half months ago so we had to go to plan B.  Heh, we had no plan B!  Soooo we ended up calling Mark Lassiter again over at www.southamericaski.com to organize a last minute plan B.  We ended up with the 3 valleys with a slough of plans including being in Chile on Sept 18th, the Chilean independence day for some partying with the locals.

We arrived on a foggy and rainy morning that cleared out just in time for sunset. Farellones has some amazing sunsets, any day you can see the sun. The smog in Santiago is pretty gnarly but having a positive byproduct of making sick sunsets, just about every day up in the mountains. Farellones is a pretty small town at the base of El Colorado resort and below La Parva and Valle Nevado resorts.  We’ve had quite the contrast of places we have been in Chile from the luxury of Portillo to more of a true South American experience in Farellones.  We have been staying at a hostel called Refugio Aleman which has some really amazing views back towards Santiago and right into the sick daily sunsets through the smog of Santiago.

We will have a few more days here in Farellones with Anna’s friend Benny from Mammoth since Refugio Aleman is only a ski hostel and is closing for the season today!  We have a sunset jump session planned as well as a few more jibs so the shooting should be pretty fun.  After that we will be at La Parva for a day then the last day hopefully doing another road lap day on the Santa Teressa slope between El Colorado and Valle Nevado for fun without the camera on my back, then going straight to the airport and outbound back to Utah.  Here’s a few photos of Farellones

The road to Portillo, Chile


So Anna and I have arrived in Portillo, Chile along with our new friend Chris Taine from NZ.  For the most part Chilean drivers are kinda crazy.  On our ride up our bus driver didn’t think 120kph was fast enough for a bus so he kept passing cars left and right.  When we got to the mountain road on the way to Portillo, he felt that he (and everyone else) didn’t need to wait for trucks and passed very slowly on blind corners.  Kinda sketchy eh?  Now add in the fact that most vehicles on the highway were semi’s and yah, that was kinda sketchy.  Apparently people in Argentina are more agro than drivers in NYC or Boston.  Ha, looks like it should be an interesting ride…I think we will be picking seats in the middle of the bus!

After having a pretty uneventful bus ride up we ran across a road block of a overturned semi with it’s trailer torn in half.  Yah, what do you think hapened there huh?  Anyhoo after driving up 32 switchbacks we arrived at the Portillo Lodge, a beautiful yellow and blue lodge in a steep valley.  The peaks here are big, steep, and very scenic.  I’m stoked to get out and ski and shoot…..when the spring ice softens up!

Santiago, Chile


The Andes mountain range from the plane just about to land in Santiago, ChileSo I just arrived in the first foreign country outside of North America in 3 years.  I’ve been waiting to go for the past 2 months and I’m super stoked to be out here.  I’m shooting a story for Australian and New Zealand Skiing magazine for next Winter’s editorial schedule with Aussie skier Anna Segal.  Santiago was a lot of fun.  After staying in a hotel pretty well in downtown we cruised around the city on the subway and by foot.  Santiago is a pretty cool city of about 7 million people with a lot of bums and street performers that expect money for taking their photos!  From bums runing around with a horn and drum to a group of cheerleaders that would perform at the stop lights, they all expect money regardless of if they jumped in front of your camera or not!

The tour operator, Mark Lassiter of www.southamericaski.com hooked us up with one of his friends Vince and his friend Chris Taine where we met up for some dinner and drinks after cruising around town.  As it turns out Chris was heading to Portillo and is going to stay with us and ski for a few days too.

More later with a bit of skiing.  We have 7 days in Portillo, Chile coming up, then to Mendoza, Argentina, then off Las Lenas, another day in Santiago before I head home to Salt Lake City, Utah.

Another plane coming in for landing near Atlanta, GABaggage at the airport in Atlanta, GA.  Somewhere, my bags are there, soaking wet, with my soaking wet clothes.  Thanks DeltaSunrise somewhere over the Pacific OceanSunrise still, a half hour later just before the decent into SantiagoAHOY!  Morning tea before landing.Street Performing cheerleaders in Santiago, ChileStreet performing bums in Santiago, ChileA abandoned church in Santiago, ChileAnna's new best friend the evil balloon clown guy.  Homey really wanted some cash for this.Anna Segal in downtown Santiago, Chile

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