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John Strenio – 2017 Powder Magazine Photo Annual – Urban Ski Photography

Ski photography of X-Games Real Ski competitor John Strenio sliding a double-z quad kinked handrail in Silver Spring, Maryland while filming his video part for the upcoming Real Ski urban street skiing competition.

Powder Magazine
2017 Photo Annual – pp74-75
John Strenio sliding a quad kinked double z-rail in Silver Spring, MD while filming for his part for Level 1 Productions movie “Pleasure”

Powder​ Magazine 2017 Photo Annual pp74-75
LJ Strenio​ sliding a double z-rail in Silver Spring, MD last winter with Level 1​. One of the craziest handrails I’ve ever shot!

McRae Williams – Freeskiing – 2017 Forecast Ski Magazine Photo Annual

Ski photography of X-Games freeskiing silver medalist McRae Williams jumping over a fence in Salt Lake City, Utah while filming urban street skiing for his video part in the Level 1 Productions ski movie "Pleasure"

Forecast Ski Magazine Volume 2.4
2017 Photo Annual – p80
McRae Williams rodeo 5 fence gap step down in Salt Lake City, Utah w/ Level 1 Productions for the movie “Pleasure

I’m Really psyched to be a part of Forecast Magazine’s photo annual this year.  They’ve done a really awesome job the past two years putting out their own flavor of printed ski media and it’s great to see that back out there!   This shot of McRae Williams last year was something I’ve wanted to photograph for quite a while now, but had not had the opportunity.  I was pretty psyched when I heard that McRae wanted to do this at this park in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Shot on a Canon 1D Mark IV at 1/320 f6.3 with Pocket Wizard Flex TT5’s, Elinchrom Ranger’s and Paul C. Buff Einstein’s for lighting

2015 Freeskier Photo Annual – Tim McChesney & Will Berman

2015 Freeskier Photo Annual p85 - Tim McChesney & Will Berman

2015 Freeskier Photo Annual p85 – Tim McChesney & Will Berman

Finally have some time to start posting photos from this winter’s publishing season.  Expect to see some more regularly.
Freeskier Magazine – 2015 Photo Annual p85
Top: Tim McChesney in St. Paul, Minnesota w/Level 1 Productions
Bottom: Will Berman in Minneapolis, Minnesota w/Level 1 Productions

Recent Ads – Salomon


Alexis Godbout Salomon Ad

Last season was quite the interesting one.  It was one not full of a lot of shots due to the low snowpack and just terrible weather in general, however the few good shots I did get last season, I was super pumped on.  This was one of them.  This feature was the entire reason I went on this trip to Montana to shoot urban with Poor Boyz Productions and Alexis Godbout, Matt Walker, Charles Gagnier and LJ Strenio in tow.  Everyone else was doing a lot of spin and tap tricks on this feature but Alexis had something else in mind here.  I was running around in circles, changing the lighting setups between everyone else, then Alexis doing his handplant to right 180, completely opposite from the norm.

Like my caption on the ad says, I brought everything I had to this feature.  (1) Elinchrom Ranger RX AS Speed w/A head, (1) Alien Bee 1600, (1) Alien Bee 800, (1) Alien Bee 400, (5) Nikon SB 80DX Speedlights and a pile of Pocket Wizard Plus 2’s and Multimax’s.  It was a ton of backlighting with a lot of tricky single speedlight placement throughout that took a lot of trial and error to get it dialed.  Fortunately for me, there was a lot of trial and error going on with the skiers to get the trick they wanted, giving me a lot of time to get my lighting dialed as well.

Nikon D3,Tamron 28-75 f2.8 LD XR Di SP lens, Elinchrom Ranger RX AS SpeedAlien Bees 800, 400, Nikon SB80 DX’s, Pocket Wizard Plus 2 and MultiMaxTranscievers

November Freeskier Magazine


Here’s a few from the newest issue of Freeskier Magazine, the November 2010 Issue.

Anna Segal at The Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah

Anna Segal at The Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah
Nikon D40 / Nikon 10.5mm f2.8 Fisheye /ISO 200 @  1/1000 sec@ f8 / Elinchrom Ranger RX AS Speed with A-Head / Alien Bees 800, 400 / Nikon SB80DX / Pocket Wizard Plus 2 Transcievers

Kaya Turski portrait

Kaya Turski

November Freeskier – Scott USA – Tom Walisch ad campaign, ad 3 of 3


November Freeskier - Scott Ad - Tom Wallisch

Nikon D3, Nikon 70-200 f2.8 ED VR, Elinchrom Ranger RX AS Speed, Alien Bees 800, 400, Nikon SB80 DX’s, Pocket Wizard Plus 2 and MultiMaxTranscievers

This is the final ad in the Tom Wallisch Scott Sports advertising campaign in the November issue of Freeskier Magazine.  The Olympus quad kink in Salt Lake City, Utah is a rail I’ve been to three times since I’ve been shooting skiing, all pretty well failed attempts for me for various reasons and I’ve avoided shooting this rail in the past due to that.  Of course with Tom, it became a different story as the disaster on made it very much worthwhile.  The weather also came together for us on this one as well since my favorite thing to do is shooting strobed photos while it’s snowing.  It just fills the frame so much better and gives a feel of winter to the scene.

The previous attempts failed mostly because of speed and my ignorance at the time to how much speed is required for such a mellow, long rail.  With the 4Bi9 crew though, we had a ton of people to help, and that included some people to drive a car for a tow-in so we had all the speed in the world here.

Level 1 Productions ad – 2010 Freeskier Magazine Buyer’s Guide



This is the first of the shots coming out of the Montreal/Quebec City, Canada urban trip I did back in March with Level 1 Productions with Tom Wallisch, Phil Casabon, Corey Vanular and Level 1 filmer Freedle Coty.  The Pyramids, as we called it was one of the must do features on this trip and in the end we really couldn’t have asked for much more on this feature.  These weird objects are actually skylights for some sort of building underneath the walkway that we were on top of.  The weather had crapped out on us earlier and dropped a lot of rain on us in true Eastern Canada fashion and melted out a lot of the snow we had.  Fortunately we are good at shoveling and were able to dig a (huge) in-run to jib and air out of the pyramids.  With the glass on the pyramids, it was pretty impossible for me to avoid using gels on this one, as you can see.  So aside from the extra time spent digging in rotten snow, and almost getting kicked out this turned out as good as we could have hoped.  This shot is Tom Wallisch, shifty 180’ing over the blue pyramid in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on the inside back cover of the 2010 Freeskier Magazine Buyer’s Guide.

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Rage Films “Pretty Good” DVD box cover photo


"Pretty Good" DVD Box Cover - Rage Films - Skier: Derek Spong

I’m stoked.  Why?  This is the third year in a row Rage Films has gone with one of my shots for their DVD cover.  I spent a lot of time with the Rage crew, of course a lot this Spring as well at the park shoots.  The last three have come from those park shoots as well, last year this one at Stevens Pass, WA.   This year, the little Asian brother Derek Spong got the cover.  It’s from the shoot at Mt. Bachelor in Bend, Oregon.  If you haven’t seen the teaser yet from the upcoming movie “Pretty Good” check it out here.

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