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Sun Valley 2010 – The Cutting Room Floor – Part 1


I’m currently at Sun Valley, Idaho where I’ve spent a bit of time over the past few years with the Level 1 and 4Bi9 crews doing some park shoots both in winter, and in the spring after closing.  Since I’m here now I thought I’d post some of my favorite shots that didn’t make the cut for the magazines last year.  This one is of Ian Cosco during a shoot for Scott Sports & Monster Energy.  It’s not as apparent that it’s a shoot for Scott, as it is that Monster was involved with the shape of the jump…haha.  I hope you can pick that one up yourself.  Look for some more Sun Valley shots from last season to come through over the next few days.

The big show – Scott / Monster Weekend – Day 3


The SPT crew putting the finishing touches on the giant claw jump

After all the activities and hype the day finally came to shoot on the giant Monster claw jump.  A radio show, poster signings, shotgunning Monster Energy drinks, entertaining hammered drunk locals, redneck truck stop shopping and a urban handrail session later the time for the big show was finally upon us.

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The Hype – Scott / Monster shoot in Sun Valley – Day 2


An excited fan gets in on the autograph sesh with Justin Dorey

Day 2 of the Scott / Monster weekend in Sun Valley has come and gone.  Friday started with Tom Wallisch forgetting about the redneck flair factor and failed to wake up with his “Daddy’s Angel” bracelet on and the mandatory shotgun a 16 oz. Monster Energy drink happened.  After a jittery start to the day for Tom the rest of Friday was a hype day for the big jump show the following day with radio shows, poster signings and an urban session with the 4Bi9 film crew would ensue.  The radio show was pretty short lived but in true Chug Life fashion Ian Cosco belted out a “cheaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” while the rest of the boys took to the air waves.

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The truck stops here – Scott / Monster weekend day 1


Justin Dorey in character, a smoking a heater a safe 5 feet away from the gas pumps

The road to Idaho is full of stops.  This one happened to be a redneck’s dream full of bad taste in Twin Falls, ID.

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Rage Films “Pretty Good” DVD box cover photo


"Pretty Good" DVD Box Cover - Rage Films - Skier: Derek Spong

I’m stoked.  Why?  This is the third year in a row Rage Films has gone with one of my shots for their DVD cover.  I spent a lot of time with the Rage crew, of course a lot this Spring as well at the park shoots.  The last three have come from those park shoots as well, last year this one at Stevens Pass, WA.   This year, the little Asian brother Derek Spong got the cover.  It’s from the shoot at Mt. Bachelor in Bend, Oregon.  If you haven’t seen the teaser yet from the upcoming movie “Pretty Good” check it out here.

Check out my photo gallery on espn.com


espn.com/action photo gallery screen shotI’ve been working with ESPN.com for a bit now in their action sports part of the website providing photos.  If you haven’t seen them, check out the Zoom galleries they put out every month.  I usually have a photo in there amongst the other action sports.  I just finished putting together a gallery for the espn.com/action site so check it out of you get a chance.  Angeli VanLaneen, Julian Carr, Tom Wallisch, Ian Cosco, Mike Riddle, John Strenio, Wiley Miller, Fabio Struder, Jossi Wells, Matt Walker, Corey Vanular, Rage Films, Pep Fujas, Kyler Cooley and Max Kuszaj are repped in the gallery.


Pretty Good – Rage Films Teaser


Pretty Good Teaser by Rage Films from Rage Films on Vimeo.

Most of you guys that are following my blog have already seen this teaser but for those that haven’t, check it out.
This is the 9th ski movie put out by Rage Films – Dan Norkunas, AJ DeSaint Phalle and Hennie Van Jarsfeld.  It’s always great to see what comes together after working with them shooting still photos all season and I’m stoked to check out the whole thing.  The movie features Kyler Cooley, Dylan Natale, Mike Mertion, Ian Cosco, Joe Schuster, Derek Spong, Mark Dvorak, John Strenio, Alex Schlopy, Gus Kenworthy, Giray Dadali, Cody Ling, and Joss Christensen.

The Spring Madness begins!


matt_stauble_20090418_3232Nine days into my spring terrain park shoot season I’m finally updating my blog. I started my spring shoot season out at home at The Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah which is where I used to work in marketing before I moved on to photography as my full-time job. It was super sick to have big park features finally at my old stomping grounds, especially since my bros Andy Marston and John Hall (ex terrain park crew there) were the cat drivers that built most of the features.

John Symms tapping a log swing at The Canyons Resort in Park CitRage Films had piggy-backed this shoot after the Snowboarder Magazine Super Sessions and we had 3 days on the features that were there. It was definately a collection of pretty unique terrain park features, however we had didn’t luck out like the Snowboarder Magazine crew and had a bit of bad weather so we pretty well focused on 2 features, the log swing and the hip jump with the pine tree growing out of the deck! The crew was comprised of Kyler Cooley, Dylan Natale, Ian Cosco, Giray Dadali, John Symms, Tim Russell, Craig Coker, Angeli Vanlaanen and Macrae Williams.

Once the Rage shoot was finished with I got to head out the next day for an epic 16 hour drive to Seattle to go see my brother who was on leave for a bit from his tour in Iraq. The drive was pretty rough, was pretty tired and had to drive through 50 miles of black ice in the Blue Mountains of Oregon. I thank the Oregon Department of Transportation for doing nothing as usual to keep their roads in order as a simple layer of sand would have made the drive much faster.

So, 12 hours after arriving in Seattle, I packed the car back up and hit the road to Mt. Hood Ski Bowl in Goverment Camp, Oregon to hit stop number 2 in my Spring park shoot season with Poor Boyz Productions. The PBP crew was comprised of Matt Walker, Alexi Godbout, Nick Martini, Kaya Turski, Andrew Hathaway, Ben Moxham the Brit – Leigh Powis, along with Fimers Pete Alport, Jeff Thomas, Ross (sorry I can’t remember your last name), T-Rob (the intern) along with photographer Matt Stouble and myself.

The weather had still not left on day one of the shoot as we shot our first rail feature with a total of 10 minutes of sun breaks so the first day went down in the clouds. Day 2 brought us the sun that was supposed to go away, however we lucked out and at the end of the day after 2 different jib features the clouds had still not rolled in. We dodged a bullet for day 2. Day 3 brough us good old Pacific Northwest drizzle, rain and fog and a well needed off day for myself. I got to finally catch up on some editing and had a break from the long days. Day 4 was supposed to be the first jump day, however a mechanical problem with the snow cat pushed back the jump building an extra day and most of the day was spent chilling on the lodge deck relaxing and taking a few lifestyle shots here and there. I’m looking forward to tomorrow as it’s the first day on the jump and its coming together real well. It’s big, with a big landing, the skiers are stoked. Here’s to day 5 and the next 4 days of sun forecasted!

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