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Concert in the Sky – O.A.R. at The Montage Hotel in Deer Valley, UT


Unfortunately I don’t have a bunch of time right now so I’m just going to post some photos from the O.A.R. concert I got to shoot a few days ago at the Montage Hotel in Deer Valley, Utah.  It was a great show that was unfortunately shortened due to a huge lightning storm that was striking a bit too close for comfort!

Costa Rica Wedding photographer – Dylan and MC


One of the great things about being a photographer is being able to be a big part in your friend’s weddings.  I’ve known Dylan and MC for almost as long as I’ve been in Utah for and they are some of the best people I know in Utah.  This one has been a very long time coming and sharing this day, in such an amazing place has been a pretty awesome expreience.  Not only was it a great wedding in a great place, but it was the most epic and rowdy one I’ve been a part of.  EVERYONE ended up in the pool, fully clothed at one point in the night.  Add to the fact that there was a dance party, in the pool, made this a night of epic proportions.  I’m pretty sure the thought of the bride and groom canon balling into the pool in their wedding attire isn’t a common occurance.  I’m really stoked that I was able to be a part of such a night.


NAS Concert – Twilight Concert Series – Salt Lake City, Utah


It’s been five years since I’ve shot photos at a show.  Something that used to be a regular part of my work kind of went by the wayside as I focused on other things.  At one point I was the staff photographer at the now defunct Club Harry O’s in Park City, Utah which has gone through it’s share of owners, and now is called Park City Live.  I got to see and shoot a lot of shows, in a very small venue, with full access anywhere, any time.  This was something I certainly took for granted.

At home in Salt Lake City, Utah the Twilight Concert Series puts me in a spot to just show up and shoot with no worries of credentials, limits on how many songs to shoot from, etc.  Just roam around with my gear amongst the music festival type crowd and crank the ISO on my new Canon 5D MK3.   The new gear is simply amazing.  Photographing shows usually involved a lot of noise in the photos at ISO 800 with my Canon EOS-1D MK2 back when I used to do this.  Now with the 5D MK3 my photos at ISO 160,000 look like my old photos at ISO 800.  It makes it a whole lot easier not trying to stop action with a 1/4 second exposure!  Needless to say I had fun shooting this concert.  The Twilight shows cost $5 to get in the doors, and anyone can bring in photo/video gear and shoot all you want.  It was a perfect one to get back on it with the big name of NAS drawing a huge crowd.


SBC Skier Magazine


A few shots from the first few issues of SBC Skier Magazine in Canada.

Roz Grouenwood at the 2011 Snowbasin Winter Dew Tour Superpipe Toyota Championships

Mike Hornbeck at Breckenridge, Colorado with Level 1 Productions

Anna Segal on the final jump at the 2011 Snowbasin Winter Dew Tour Slopestyle Toyota Championships

Justin Dorey at Alpine Meadows, California with Level 1 Productions

Kaya Turski at Alpine Meadows, California with Level 1 Productions

Alex Bellamare crashing in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with Level 1 Productions

Alex Bellamare at Sun Valley Resort, Idaho with Level 1 Productions

Alex Bellamare at Sun Valley Resort, Idaho with Level 1 Productions


Freeskier Magazine issues 14.1, 14.2


5050 BMX King of the Mountain Best Trick at Powder Mountain, Utah


A few weeks ago I got to go out and shoot at the 5050 BMX King of the Mountain Best Trick contest at Powder Mountain, Utah.  I don’t get to shoot stuff like this very often so it was a treat for me to get out there for something like this.  I’ll keep it short, it was a really fun event, the riders threw down and the crowd was great and got into it rather colorfully.  See below for that.


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Keep it fresh! – Air Freshener photos?


I get a lot of photo requests for some uses that are far from normal but this is definitely a new one.  I sold a few shots to Line Skis last season with a one-year unlimited license.  It’s when you have those licenses out on your photos is where you see some different types of usages.  Different, but pretty cool.  I’ve never had a photo on an air freshener!  This shot of Will Wesson was taken last winter with Level 1 Productions in my backyard of Salt Lake City, Utah.  It’s in the most played urban skiing location, probably in the world.  I somehow manage to get a shot every year from the Rail Gardens (Olympus Hills Park) due mainly to skiers getting creative and looking for a new spin on the same structures in the park.


Do you have a photo on an air freshener?  You should!

SLC Tallbike Jousting!


The winner rides away with the loser on the ground...and the crowd goes wild!This was the second time I’ve had a chance to shoot tallbike jousting and this time around I was a bit more prepared for what to expect than the first.  It’s one of the funnest events that I’ve had a chance to shoot, it’s action, rediculous (come on, jousting on tallbikes…really?), costumes and there’s no shortage of carnage.  What more could you really ask for?  We started out at Liberty Park and once everyone came together we all moved out to the location.  I actually got a chance to get ahead to the location this time since I actually made it on time and then found out where we were going!  Chalk one up to being prepared this time!  Check out last year’s photos here.

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Speed Week – Bonneville Salt Flats


One of the many hundreds of tents and RV's lining the perimeter of the race course at the Bonneville Salt Flats for the 2010 Speed Week in Wendover, Utah

The Bonneville Salt Flats is a place I’ve been to a few times, however never while any racing was going on.  It was quite the scene, very different from any auto race I’ve been to in the past, no frills, just insanely fast cars, as many RV’s as you’d see at Burning Man, vintage cars, vintage people, and…rednecks, lots and lots of rednecks.

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Powderhound Magazine (Australia) Cover


2010 Powderhound Magazine cover - Skier: Anna Segal - Location: The Canyons Resort, Utah

Two years, two covers with Powderhound Magazine.  This year it’s Anna Segal at The Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah.  I’ve been working with Powderhound Magazine for 4 seasons now, since I started shooting with the Aussies, mainly Anna Segal and Davina Williams.  This photo was one I had completely planned out before shooting it.  From the angle to the weather, skier, lighting, even the trick I wanted on it.  It didn’t completely work out to design, the natural light wasn’t quite as dark as I wanted it to be, however the two inches an hour of snowfall we were getting did work to make the shot look cold and wintry.

This was actually one of the mellower shoots of the season.  No film crew, no crew of skiers, just myself and Anna and we were in and out in about an hour.  I don’t get to do that very often, to be on a shoot with no film crew, just myself and being able to go wherever I want in order to get the shot I want.  It makes work so much easier when I get to do this!

This time of year is always a good pick me up as the magazine publication schedule in Australia and New Zealand is quite a bit earlier with the opposite seasons so I get to see shots published while I’m still shooting during the spring terrain park shoots!

Check out Anna’s website at: http://annasegal.blogspot.com

Check out last year’s cover shot with Max Kusazj at Alta, Utah here.

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