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Chris & Keelan – High Star Ranch – Kamas, Utah Wedding Photography


Wedding Photography at High Star Ranch in Kamas, Utah


Last summer I got to photograph my friends Chris & Keelan getting married at High Star Ranch in Kamas, Utah.  It’s a pretty awesome venue, and since I had photographed a wedding the year before there it was pretty nice to have a good idea of what to expect with the venue.  It was a super fun day, I hope you like the photos!

Park City, Utah Wedding Photography – Erik and Amy – St.Mary’s Church – McPolin Farm – Swaner Preserve and Eco Center


Erik & Amy - Park City, Utah - St. Mary's Church - McPolin Farm - Swaner EcoCenter and Preserve



Erik and Amy were a super fun couple to shoot photos with a good crew of friends and family that made for shooting this multi-location wedding day fun and easy.  Three locations for this wedding shoot, St. Mary’s Church (St. Mary of the Assumption) was such a wonderful venue that shoots great with a lot of natural afternoon light and of course the iconic McPolin Farm for the wedding party photos and the Swaner Preserve and Eco Center for the reception.  I hope you like the photos!

Boise wedding photographer – Kris and Tara’s wedding – Barber Park


Photos from Kris and Tara’s wedding at Barber Park in Boise, Idaho.  This was a super fun wedding with a lot of friends around, which of course made the reception that much more fun with a real good party.





































Costa Rica Wedding photographer – Dylan and MC


One of the great things about being a photographer is being able to be a big part in your friend’s weddings.  I’ve known Dylan and MC for almost as long as I’ve been in Utah for and they are some of the best people I know in Utah.  This one has been a very long time coming and sharing this day, in such an amazing place has been a pretty awesome expreience.  Not only was it a great wedding in a great place, but it was the most epic and rowdy one I’ve been a part of.  EVERYONE ended up in the pool, fully clothed at one point in the night.  Add to the fact that there was a dance party, in the pool, made this a night of epic proportions.  I’m pretty sure the thought of the bride and groom canon balling into the pool in their wedding attire isn’t a common occurance.  I’m really stoked that I was able to be a part of such a night.


Capilano Suspension Bridge Park Wedding – Jeff & Leslie


It’s been a long time since I’ve posted any weddings, I just haven’t gotten around to it.  Those things are a lot of work and I was done working on them!  Anyhoo, Jeff & Leslie were married in October of 2009 with a very small ceremony at the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.  The site is quite a photogenic pacific northwest rainforest with a large suspension bridge connecting the main park to the heavily wooded ewok forest.  Yup, I said ewok.  The other side of the park is connected together via the “Treetop Adventure” zone with elevated suspension bridges going tree to tree just like in Return of the Jedi, minus the storm troopers, light sabers, ewoks, wookie, and of course Han Solo and Princess Lea.  All weird descriptions aside the Treetop Adventure zone is a really cool collection of bridges, forest textures and boardwalks that is the most unique spot I’ve had the opportunity to shoot a wedding at.  Rain or shine, it made for a great location to shoot at.


The University Club, Denver, Colorado – The wedding of Josh and Lindsey



I’m 3 for 4 so far on very fun weddings thanks to Josh and Lindsey.  Shooting a wedding for friends is always a great time because I get to be part of the wedding party and get to share a much closer part of my friends’ wedding than most get to.  It’s a great honor and of course tons of fun.  I took a far more journalistic approach to this wedding as those I have in the past and I have to say, it was pretty fun to do so.  Josh and Lindsey had their big day at the University Club in downtown Denver, Colorado.  The venue was very old and charming,  a small building surrounded by skyscrapers in downtown with photos of club members back to 1902 on the walls!  The University Club made for a perfect venue for the size of this wedding,  never too cramped, but the right size that there always seemed to be a great crowd everywhere.  Thanks to Josh, Lindsey and their families for putting together a great day!

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Wedding at The Canyons Resort, Park City, UT – Eric and Kary



A few months ago, Eric Woodruff let me know he was getting married and talked with me about shooting photos for his wedding.  I was pretty excited to do so, I used to work with Eric back in the day when I was at The Canyons Resort as the photo/web/video guy there for a few years.  He’s one of the nicest guy’s I know so I knew it would be fun, getting to meet, shoot, and party with a bunch of good new people.  Just like the last wedding I shot, everyone danced a lot and late into the night, including the parents.  Another thing I was pretty stoked about was that Eric and Kary wanted more candid photos, instead of setup portraits.  These are usually a lot more fun, especially with a fun crowd that we had there and working when it’s fun is always a bonus!

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Jack and Lauren’s Wedding – Flathead Lake – Polson, Montana



I had the pleasure of shooting Jack and Lauren’s wedding on Flathead Lake in Polson, Montana.  In the case you haven’t been to Flathead Lake in Montana, put it on your list of places to go in the Summer, it’s very much worth the trip.    The wedding was lakeside at a family house and really couldn’t have gone by any better.  It was probably the most fun I’ve had shooting a wedding.  It never hurts to be there shooting a friend’s wedding.  It makes things fun for sure.

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Cobey and Sarah’s Wedding – Blessed Sacrament Church in Seattle, Washington


cobey-sarah_003I got in touch with Winnie Forbes (now, Winnie Brinker) about doing a wedding with her as her 2nd shooter last summer for Cobey and Sarah’s wedding. As it turns out it was at Blessed Sacrament Church in Seattle, Washington where I had shot a wedding the previous year so she was stoked, already knew the location, etc. Winnie brought me on to roll with the guys and shoot with them while she took care of the girls. Yah, the guys are easy so I was stoked. It was a super laid back group so it was pretty easy and to make matters even better, Casey from Mindcastle Studios was there doing the video so for a lot of things, he directed what he was doing and I just rolled with it and shot what was going on with that which was really cool. Casey had some good ideas and was super good work with and Danielle.

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Emmanuel Episcopal Church – Ashley & David’s Wedding


This was a super fun wedding to shoot.  I’ve known Ashley since birth so it made this one super fun knowing a bunch of people there.  The wedding took place at Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Mercer Island, Washington where Ashley’s father Terry plays the organ for.  Ashley looked amazing and made it easy to get a lot of good photos.  We went out to one of the small waterfront landing parks on the East side of Mercer Island to get a few waterfront photos as well and finishing the night at the Lake Union Cafe in Seattle, Washington for the reception which was a really cool venue.  So, I’ve gotten a chance to edit through a few of the photos, I’ll post some more later.

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