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Ski Photography – SBC Skier Magazine issue 3 & 4 (photo annual)


The last two issues of SBC Skier Magazine from Canada have hit the newsstands and I have a few more photos I’m pretty stoked on that made it into the magazine as well as three shots in their first ever Photo Issue as well.

SBC Skier Magazine issue 11.3 p98-99 – Pro Freeskier Will Wesson sliding a quad kinked elbow handrail in Reno, Nevada – w / Level 1 Productions

SBC Skier Magazine issue 11.3 p36 – Pro freeskier Tom Wallisch jumping a double sided spine at Breckneridge Resort, Colorado w /  Level 1 Productions

SBC Skier Magazine issue 11.4 p59 – Pro Freeskier Byron Wells jumping the transfer gap in the King’s Crown Terrain Park at Park City Mountain Resort, Utah

SBC Skier Magazine issue 11.4 p63 – Dave Treadway launching a backflip off a huge cliff during the Red Bull Cold Rush in Silverton, Colorado

Ski Photos from Freeskier Magazine, December 2011


Will Wesson sliding bleachers at a baseball field in Salt Lake City, UT – w/Level 1 Productions – Freeskier 14.4 p026-027

Clayton Vila dropping off a closeout rail in Spokane, WA – w/Poor Boyz Productions – Freeskier 14.4 p051

Bobby Brown doubling up with a double corked 1080 on the final jump in the Winter Dew Tour Toyota Championships Slopestyle course at Snowbasin, UT – Freeskier 14.1 p095

The bus ride back to town, and the voting process during the Red Bull Cold Rush in Silverton, CO – Freeskier 14.1 p116

Freeskier Magazine issues 14.1, 14.2


Keep it fresh! – Air Freshener photos?


I get a lot of photo requests for some uses that are far from normal but this is definitely a new one.  I sold a few shots to Line Skis last season with a one-year unlimited license.  It’s when you have those licenses out on your photos is where you see some different types of usages.  Different, but pretty cool.  I’ve never had a photo on an air freshener!  This shot of Will Wesson was taken last winter with Level 1 Productions in my backyard of Salt Lake City, Utah.  It’s in the most played urban skiing location, probably in the world.  I somehow manage to get a shot every year from the Rail Gardens (Olympus Hills Park) due mainly to skiers getting creative and looking for a new spin on the same structures in the park.


Do you have a photo on an air freshener?  You should!

Line Skis / Full Tilt Boots Posters


Just pics this time around.  Hope you all like em!

I’m back on the road again for a few weeks so it may be quiet on the front here. Follow me on Twitter to hear random entertaining antics from urban ski trips.

Full Tilt Boots Poster - Tom Wallisch

Full Tilt Boots Poster – Tom Wallisch – St. Paul, Minnesota – Level 1 Productions

Line Skis Poster - LJ Strenio

Line Skis Poster – LJ Strenio – Helena, Montana – Poor Boyz Productions

Line Skis Poster - Will Wesson

Line Skis Poster – Will Wesson – Salt Lake City, Utah – Level 1 Productions

Powder Photo Annual Cover!


2011 Powder Magazine Photo Annual Cover - Skier: Kyler Cooley.  Shot during the filming of "Gunnie Season" by 4Bi9 Media

2011 Powder Magazine Photo Annual Cover – Skier: Kyler Cooley.

Shot during the filming of “Gunnie Season” by 4Bi9 Media

This is the one, this is it.  It’s the biggest thing that’s happened to me in my career.  It’s the Powder Magazine Photo Annual, and my photo of Kyler Cooley is on the cover!  My first Powder cover came last season (see it here) and it was a big deal.  A real big deal for me.  Literally a childhood dream.  Now, a year later there’s another, but it’s on the Photo Annual.  It’s the biggest issue of the season for the photographers and honestly it’s something I didn’t really consider ever getting.  Needless to say, I’m pretty happy about it!  If it doesn’t quite sink in to how happy I am, check this out and it will explain it a bit better.

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Pre-season outtakes


Joss Christensen and Alex Schlopy hiking up to the snowmaking pile in Deer Valley to build the backy jump

Posting outtakes is something here I usually don’t get a chance to do.  This time around though the shoot was for espn.com and with the instant turnaround time with web, I get to post these while they are still fresh!  This few days of shooting was mainly about one thing.  Fun.  It most certainly was.  These photos were shot at Alta, Deer Valley and Brighton Resorts in Utah after a few early season storms in October and early November.  My lighting was pretty simple in these, some just ambient, but those that weren’t, usually just a few Nikon SB80 DX’s, an Alien Bees 800 and a Elinchrom Ranger RX AS Speed with the ol A-Head.  Of course, add in a pile of Pocket Wizard Flex TT5’s.

Check out the full gallery here

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espn.com pre-season gallery


Will Wesson sliding a handrail at Alta, Utah

The lovely people over at espn.com/action had me do a pre-season jib gallery back in late October working with some of the younger crew out here in Utah.  From lift terminal rails at Alta to backflip jumps on snowmaking piles at Deer Valley the pre-season mini-shred is on.  It was a ton of fun to go out and make some small features of no real consequence look cool.  It’s great to work in simply a fun environment, free of the gnar factor sometimes.  Add into the fact that my lighting was pretty simple in these, usually just a few Nikon SB80 DX’s, an Alien Bees 800 and a Elinchrom Ranger RX AS Speed with the ol A-Head.  Of course, add in a pile of Pocket Wizard Flex TT5’s

The photo above was real simple, just one Elinchrom Ranger RX AS Speed with a Pocket Wizard Flex TT5 shot with a Nikon D3 and a Nikon 16mm f2.8 fisheye

Alex Schlopy, Will Wesson, Joss Christensen, Giray Dadali and Dave Euler

Check out the gallery over there:


Here it comes…Winter


The early snowfall at Alta, Utah

Winter is coming.  At home in Utah we had a early bout of winter but again, Fall has prevailed and it’s warmed up a bit before the next storm rolls through.  Hopefully that next storm will to flip the switch from fall to winter.  The seven months that lie ahead of me are full of snowy roads, planes, sharing two bed hotel rooms with four to ten smelly dudes, being stuffed into rental cars overloaded with gear, all so I get to shoot ski photos all winter.  Yes, I’m looking forward to this.

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