The Hype – Scott / Monster shoot in Sun Valley – Day 2


An excited fan gets in on the autograph sesh with Justin Dorey

Day 2 of the Scott / Monster weekend in Sun Valley has come and gone.  Friday started with Tom Wallisch forgetting about the redneck flair factor and failed to wake up with his “Daddy’s Angel” bracelet on and the mandatory shotgun a 16 oz. Monster Energy drink happened.  After a jittery start to the day for Tom the rest of Friday was a hype day for the big jump show the following day with radio shows, poster signings and an urban session with the 4Bi9 film crew would ensue.  The radio show was pretty short lived but in true Chug Life fashion Ian Cosco belted out a “cheaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” while the rest of the boys took to the air waves.

Tom Wallisch shotgunning a Monster Energy drink after failing the redneck flair challenge.Tom Wallisch after shotgunning a Monster Energy drink.Tom Wallisch and his Daddy's Angel braclet of redneck flair.Closeup of Tom Wallisch and his Daddy's Angel braclet of redneck flairTom is a pretty big deal. So much that with 5,000 Facebook friends he still has 9,553 pending friend requests.Cheaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"Cheaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" X 3With a bit of time to kill between the radio show and the poster signing we stopped by a local bar with $5 pitchers of beer where we were greeted by a few locals, a few with a few too many $5 pitchers down and providing a bit of entertainment.

The team strut out of the Monster RV to the $5 pitchers.Chug likes beerTom, dark bar, beerTom, more dark bar, more beer.A local that loves the $5 pitchers of beer, GTS'ing with Shay Williams

After some local entertainment we headed out to the poster signing session at the Scott USA’s showroom at HQ in Ketchum, ID.  A ton of local kids came out stoked to meet Wallisch, Dorey and Chug.

Always cool to see your photos printed at 20x20 feet on the side of a buildingDorey and Chug signing their lives away on posters.This should be Chug's new pro model, no?The kids love the pros.The kids swarm the PROS

After all the signings and a great dinner we headed back out with Tom Wallisch and the 4Bi9 crew for an urban rail sesh in Ketchum.  We were greeted by the local Ketchum Police.  The officers seemed to care less as they had plenty of locals to chase down that took down too many $5 pitchers of beer.

The calm before the super-fed stormThe jump getting the finishing touches put on it by the SPT the night before the sesh.

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