The truck stops here – Scott / Monster weekend day 1


Justin Dorey in character, a smoking a heater a safe 5 feet away from the gas pumps

The road to Idaho is full of stops.  This one happened to be a redneck’s dream full of bad taste in Twin Falls, ID.

The site of the challenge.  Ian Cosco, Justin Dorey and Tom Wallisch entering the redneck zone.We left Salt Lake City, UT this afternoon in the Monster Energy RV to a Scott USA and Monster Energy park shoot at Sun Valley, Idaho.  On the way, Gabe from Scott USA came up with the idea of having the skiers buy $30 each worth of the most ridiculous shit they could find.  Thing is, one piece of their purchase has to stay on at all times through the Monster weekend.  If not, shotgunning a Monster tall boy is the punishment.  Let the jitters begin.

Idaho.  Enough SaidWhy would you not wear this?Who doesn't want a pissed off cat in 3D above the mantle?Yup, we are still shopping at a truck stop in Idaho.They wanted to sell Ed Hardy shit but all they could afford were these fucking dragons instead.Chug picking out the new digs.  Read the hatChug LifeDorey crushing the truck stop challenge, cashing in at $29.86Bone - transformedWallisch, well prepped with a beard worthy of Joe Dirt doesn't need much to fit in.$90 spent in a truck stop to make this happenThree guys found their true calling today.  Drinking beer in an RV at a truck stop.

2 Responses to “The truck stops here – Scott / Monster weekend day 1”

  1. 1 Jason Beacham Posted March 19th, 2010 - 10:05 pm

    I love Idaho

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